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Boho Betty Accessories and a Little Treat for You.

 I’m delighted to bring you a little team up time between the gorgeous Boho Betty and I! You too can start off one of the prettiest wrist collections around with help from a discount code! More on that later…

About the brand:

All our collections are designed in the UK and emphasize diverse cultures and global fashion trends. Our designs continue to be based on layering and stacking. We love to encourage women to mix and match bracelets of different shapes, sizes, colours and texture and to use their imaginations to create a truly unique and individual look. – www.boho-betty.co.uk

So not only to BB stock the most shimmering, soft, and tasseled wrist treasures, they have handbags, necklaces, and rings too. All of the contributions I bought to create my wrist “stack” are such lovely and genuine quality, and fasten up perfectly for even my skinny little wrists. There are such wide varieties of colours and designs, it’s just lots of fun to mix and match for your own style! I’d love to see what you come up with!

My collection:

If you want to start your own collection, I’m offering 10% off any purchase in the Boho Betty Store with the code:


I’ll leave you with my beautiful friend Harri here to show off the Pink Peony wrap in stock too.


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