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There’s always something fancy and posh feeling about a Zara delivery. If I’m honest, I shop at Topshop and Miss Selfridge as default, and usually completely forget that Zara is in the exact same price range as these two (Topshop these days, especially),  I need to stop doing this.

If you shop at Zara too, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that there’s no other mid/high range high street fashion shop that parcels up a £29 dress the way they do.  The boxes are packaged so well. There’s no stuffing stuff into a bag and sending it, it’s all ‘sturdy box and tissue paper’. Love it!

So now that the spring/summer is really kicking in (hope I haven’t jinxed it), I always find that jumpsuits and playsuits are the best things for me in the heat. They’re really comfortable to flounce about in, and keep the air circulating around nicely too.

I also like dresses though, because they’re all floaty and feminine, and you can feel like a little sunshine doll all over the place. Thing is though, if there’s a gust of wind, or you want to sit down in the park on the grass, or you’re like me and like to get all wonder woman and dance around a bit at times, dresses can have a potential to show more than we’d like as ladies (I’m sure the guys don’t mind), and we have to be wary of that…

So behold! The Playsuit Dress! Reminds me of “Skorts” from back in the 90s! I used to live in a denim pair.

Jumpsuit Dress with Back Buttons. Spring/Summer Zara. £29.99.

Jumpsuit Dress with Back Buttons. Spring/Summer Zara. £29.99.

Now, in the pictures on the Zara website of this garment, it doesn’t look to puff out as much as it actually does. I’m quite sure that it’s not just me either.

I’m 5ft 3 and a size 4 in most stores, so I opted for the XS size here. I would honestly say that Zara XS seems to be more of a 6-8, as I get quite a bit of “back of the neck gape” in dresses and tops, but that’s fine. So yeah, the skirted part is really, really padded out. I don’t think it’s because maybe it’s a little bigger on me than it should be, as anyone who fits snugly inside it would naturally have the same issue, as it’s all to do with the amount of fabric under the bust.

Here’s what it looks like on, from a side view.

I mean it’s fine! It’s lovely and roomy, and makes you feel like a super comfy parachute lady, so I’m not complaining, it’s just perhaps not as true a fit as the one on the model on the website, is all.

Here’s some more shots anyway.

The fabric is a fabulous 100% cotton, so again, perfect for the heatwave. It’s light, airy, and I like the fact that it has long sleeves for when there’s a potential chill in the air as the day progresses. I like to keep the sleeves rolled up, as there is a lot of cotton to keep you shielded enough from any breezes without having arms covered too, but I did absolutely roll them down in the Tesco freezer aisle…

There is a down side though, which I rather uncomfortably found out, but in the comfort of my own home, thank goodness.

You know what the usual issue is with us girls and playsuits, right? It’s the toilet break. We have to practically get undressed to go to the loo!

The thing is, with this playsuit, there is an enormous design flaw when it comes to this situation, and it’s the way that it fastens up. 

Teeny, tiny, really stubborn buttons.

Just look at those beastly little cute things! I couldn’t get this on without help, so I don’t know why I didn’t have sudden alarm bells go off over the fact that if I am ever at all going to need to use the restroom whilst out and about by myself, then I’d have to walk around practically naked for the rest of the day, because there is no way my arms can contort well enough to do those little guys up. Sure, maybe they’ll loosen up a bit the more I do them up and undo them, but seriously, trust me when I say that the top four buttons will be impossible for you unless you can pop your shoulders out.

Very pretty to look at though. The buttons are very cute, regardless of impracticality, and I really love the little keyhole section there toward the lower back.

Speaking of keyhole, it’d be so cool to maybe have the shorts part of the playsuit behave a bit like a body suit, right? With little discrete popper buttons to make life easier. You can’t easily see under there unless you’re in a really unfortunate (or fortunate, up to you”) situation, and it’d just make this a full on 100% perfection piece!

Oh yeah, so, speaking of which…

Oh Hi! Comfy, built in shorts! There’s the playsuit bit! So fun and practical, I swoon hard right now.

In addition to this piece, I picked up a new cross body bag too. I love my brown satchel, but it can sometimes be a little “samey” with some outfits. 

Again, beautifully packaged in it’s own dust bag, this cream and nude cross body bag with gold hardware (they call it Ecru), is all boxy and flat bottomed, so it sit’s nicely on the floor next to you, and has a very cool metallic fastener which snaps shut instantly. Really strong too.

There’s a lot of room inside, and the strap is adjustable. The pompom was just transferred from my other bag, but the grey works as a nice contrast. You can pick these up from anywhere these days.

And there you have it! My spring heat outfit of the day!

Please let’s rally round and get these playsuit dresses made all smart now with body fasteners under the centre of the shorts. It’ll be amazing! You can do what you want with the back fastening then, right?


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