Floral Shirt Snap for all budgets.

Left: Topshop Hambledon Blouse By Unique £135.00

Right: Miss Selfridge Floral Chiffon Shirt £30.00 (Now £20.00 in the Sale (22/04/2016)

As you may have seen a few posts and Instagrams of mine ago, I was raving about my new floral shirt from Miss Selfridge. It’s the one on the right in the pictures above.

I love shirts, and very rarely find one that I dislike these days. Pastel shirts look so fresh with some casual jeans, but keep things smart, soft, and feminine whatever you do, especially ones with delicate florals adorning them this season.

Two of my “go to” brands for high street clothing are Topshop and Miss Selfridge. I mean, those guys are pretty mainstream, but they very rarely let me down with something nice and new to wear. What one doesn’t seem to have, the other usually does.

So as I say, I was looking for a new patterned shirt the past month to get me all kitted out for spring, and stumbled happily across the Floral Chiffon number above, and celebrated with an insta-buy.

I didn’t manage to get it for the sale price that it’s going for at the moment, but that’s fine. It’s very much worth the full price cost. The fabric is light, it’s a little sheer so don’t forget a good bra or bralette under there, and the watercolour feel to the design is gorgeously girly and feminine. The other thing I noticed about it is how pure white the white is! It’s snow pure, and enhances anything else you pair with it, and I even though it popped my eye colour like crazy! I hadn’t really noticed how green my eyes were until I wore this shirt! Haha!

So back over to the whole point of this post.

Floral shirts look like they’re going to be huge this spring, and more proven by the launch of one new in at Topshop, in their Unique department, coming with a price tag of £135.00.

Now I have had a few pieces over the years from the premium brand at Topshop, and have been relatively happy along the way. The quality is always nice, especially with the structure of seams (always feels like the overlocking is good on Unique pieces), and the line of the cut and fit. The thing is, I’ve found that Topshop seem to be bumping up the prices of this higher end, internal range a LOT with each new wave released, but that’s primarily because they’re upping their game on fabrics used massively!

The reason this shirt is hitting the £135.00 price point? It’s 100% silk.

For those of you who have worn pieces made solely from silk will know how there is no greater luxury for femininity and feel, especially in a shirt. I have to make a confession though, and say that the only 100% silk garments I own are for bedtime and underwear purposes. I have a silk robe and bra by the fabulous Fleur of England. I swear, when I feel wrapped up in that robe…I feel like royalty. It’s divine. I float around like a fancy cloud all over the place, and am usually terrified to eat or drink anything in it…which leads me on to why I’m ultimately terrified to buy a 100% silk shirt for everyday wear. I just know that curry stain is waiting to slosh all over me for sure.

So between the two shirts here, I have reasons for highly recommending both of them, but based on either end of the high street spectrum.

Both shirts have beautiful, delicate, and pastel floral patterns to die for. Sure, the colour palette is slightly different, but their design concept appears to be the same. They’re both crisp, and ready to float around the springtime streets in like a sunshine princess.

For added luxury, on a higher budget, I would definitely say head along to the Unique section of Topshop and grab yourself the Hambledon Blouse…Just make sure you’re blooming careful to avoid any spillages, and perhaps save it for a special occasion, unless you have a dry cleaner you like to use, or trust yourself to hand wash it carefully (Can you tell this makes me nervous??).

For still luxury, but on a regular high street budget, totally check out the Floral Chiffon Shirt at Miss Selfridge. It’s on offer at the moment for £20 (as of 22/04/2016), and my most favourite springtime shirt of the season so far. It’s fresh, well made, and deliciously feminine. Highly, highly recommend this if, like me, you want to feel like a flower princess.

My Floral Shirt Wishlist:

Border Print Long Sleeve Shirt from Miss Selfridge £30.00

Border Print Long Sleeve Shirt from Miss Selfridge £30.00

Long Sleeve Shirt by Love from Topshop £34.00

Long Sleeve Shirt by Love from Topshop £34.00


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