Home Renovation: Re-plastering and Flooring


Hooray! Things have moved forward a bit! Gosh, I tell you what, I swear that most of my life these days is literally waiting for anyone in building and construction to call me back. I totally understand how busy builders are though, and it's literally all day labour for them so naturally any voicemails or email enquiries will be a pain to pick up at the end of a working day, but I'd love to even have a "Nah mate, can't do that" at any point in a month or so of touching base", haha!

ANYWAY, after a delay with finishing off the re-plastering of the downstairs of the property following the new installation of its damp course (you can read more about that HERE), we finally do now have smooth walls.

A little look back at what the walls looked like around a fortnight or so ago:


What do we have now? Well just take a look below. Super smooth, plastery-pink walls of glory. Just look at the edges on that newly forged fireplace too! Everything just looks like an interior! It's a house! It's finally looking like a house!

The only outstanding issues now are quite obviously the flooring, the skirting board "sticking on-ness", and..well..that's about it! Once the flooring goes down then I can only imagine that the whole place will absolutely sing!

For the next 6 months or so though, we need to be very careful about what we do to the walls themselves. We most certainly cannot paint directly onto the fresh plaster as it is now as it's extremely porous and will not take paint cleanly. It'll drink it up, basically.

To ensure a good finish with any paint on these walls will be to water down some white emulsion, slosh it on for around 2-3 coats so that a "platform barrier" is formed in the top layer of the plaster itself, so that then the PROPER paint will take much better in future. It's a little labour intensive, needs some degree of patience, but I can see past it. End results! That's what I'm living for right now!


Laminate Flooring.

As with most building projects that I've ever heard of, not everything went entirely to plan. Unfortunately due to the delay with when the plastering was to be finished, there was a knock on impact on when the skirting board can be refitted, which in turn means that carpeting the downstairs is not possible (you truly do need skirting boards fitted before you even consider popping down carpet).

Not only that, but when the carpet folk did turn up, they had the order wrong anyway, so only 3 out of 6/7 rooms could be fully floored.

In any case, 3 rooms are better than none, and the impact of those floors after they went down is enough to cause a stir of happiness over the whole thing, for sure. Here's a handful of before and after pics on flooring below. Please excuse the choice of paint, it's original after purchase and will be sorted out at a later date!


If you're not 100% familiar with the renovation so far, you can backtrack on my previous progress posts; from chatting about wallpaper combat HERE , and the reasons why we went for a "fixer upper" in the first place HERE.

Right then! Let's crack on!


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