Home Renovation: Damp Course and Demolition


Well then! Since we last “spoke” about the house, it was gearing up to be made naked of its plastered walls and injected with a delicious damp course to stop us from having any pesky wetness in future times! Not only that, but I also mentioned how the fireplaces needed to come out.

A week (ish) later, the jobs are well underway! Catch up with a few progress pictures toward the bottom of this post.

Naturally with any kind of heavy graft like this, there were a few pokey issues run into along the way.

  1. Whilst sawing off the plaster of one wall, the builders managed to sever one of the main electric socket wires running down the wall. These wires run under plaster and hook up into the back of your plug sockets around you house. They just didn’t know it was there I guess. These things happen. To fix it, there’s a 7:30am emergency appointment with the electrician in the pipeline this Saturday. The guy just needs to take up the flooring above the affected room and connect up a new mains wire to run it back down the wall before the re-plastering happens. If the re-plastering were to happen before he got in to do this, then the plaster would only have to come off again for him to do the job…early morning “worth it”.
  2. Whilst one of the fireplaces was being demolished the builder managed to whack out a gas pipe, spewing uncontrollable mains gas out into the house. Cue emergency gas man to come and securely seal off the newly made leak, and turn off the gas until the place was safe to see a naked flame again (not like it was going to, but you know, just in case). This is thankfully all fine now, but alas, caused a bit of a temporary run around.
  3. Roofer guy discovered a really horrible crack in a bit of crucial piping running between the property and our neighbours. This was just something which would never have shown up until sharp eyes were within short distance of the thing, so that section will need to be replaced. Thankfully the roofer has said that he won’t charge for the labour part of the fix, and that I can simply cover materials. Lovely! It also helps that the lady who lives next door is utterly wonderful too. She’s going through a very similar thing with her property too, but is much further down the line than us. It’s inspiring to see her progress though!

So that's about the stage we're at now really!

  1. Wood chip wallpaper removed from downstairs living spaces.
  2. Skirting boards removed ready for damp course work.
  3. Carpets loosened ready for laminate and carpet replacements.
  4. Roof tile replacement, lining, and guttering/soffit refit to UPVC (currently in progress. See HERE for more on that).
  5. Damp course installation.
  6. Demolition of old fireplaces.

Still left to do:

  1. Fix the newly discovered broken drainage pipe on the roof (extended roofing work by 1 day).
  2. Fix severed mains wire before re-plastering can continue.
  3. Replastering.
  4. Kitchen refit.
  5. Bathroom refit.
  6. New flooring throughout.
  7. Two new toilets (there are two separate loo rooms).
  8. Painting (2 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, 2 toilets, stairway and upstairs corridor).

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