It’s “National Tea Day!”

It’s National Tea Day! Hooray!  I love our random “days” in England for varying celebrations. We have days/weeks to show love for coffee, best friends, cat ladies, speaking like a pirate, and TODAY (April 21st) for showing mad appreciation for a good old British cuppa! Tea!

I’m celebrating tea daily (in conjunction with coffee of course), so of course I’d want to write up a little something special about a milky brew and the fun that goes with it.

Thanks to my amazing friends at Doris & Co for getting in touch and giving me a heads up on it all so that I wouldn't accidentally miss it like I did the Coffee one this year! They know me all too well, they do!

What happens on National Tea Day?

So yeah! On April 21st 2017 it's National Tea Day! To celebrate Britain's love of the hot beverage, there are a whole host of fun things to be done, from an entire celebration in London, to just general appreciation of the day across social media and in your own homes! Check out for all of the cool details, but here's just a handful of my favourite ways you can join in, taken from the site, below!

  1. Attend The National Tea Day Festival"The National Tea Day Festival takes place at Kensington Roof Gardens in London on the 21st of April. With artisan tea blends available to sample, snacks galore, a celebrity baking masterclass and even a Queen Victoria lookalike there it is the place to be to celebrate National Tea Day in style!"
  2. Host your own tea party"If you are going to host your own tea party with family and friends to celebrate the day and want tips on what teas, snacks and tea ware to use look no further than the Bring Your Tea Home section on the website for recommendations. Whether you want a cheap and cheerful brew and biscuit or a luxury blend and gourmet snacks you will be able to find exactly what tickles your taste buds."
  3. Get social with us using #Nationalteaday"Whether you want to post a selfie with your morning cuppa, tag your favourite brand or show off your afternoon tea snacks absolutely everyone should be getting social with us on National Tea Day. Use #Nationalteaday on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to be part of the national celebration."

I'm definitely going to get involved, and I'd LOVE you to share your tea times with me too! Let's kick things off now, shall we?

My Favourite Tea Treats.

Here’s a selection of my top tea favourites to share with you today, including a little “featurette” of one of my most favourite creamware pottery friends: Doris & Co (also featuring my too beautiful friend Harri, who allowed me the pleasure of filming her for a splash of creativity).

“Designing and crafting in Britain, Doris Designs provides exclusive and handcrafted items for your home. With mementos and quotes to live by, their items are relateable and beautifully designed.” - Doris & Co

Each adorable package from Doris & Co comes with it's own sturdy little display box, and a tasty treat inside to get a sup on with!

Celebrate #NATIONALTEADAY with 3 for 2 on Twining’s ‘Teas for Every Day’

Between April 19th – 24th 2017 you can get 3 for 2 on THESE Twining’s Teas for Every Day as a nod to our love of the beverage! Just enter the code TEADAY on check out.

Not only is it "National Tea Day" but the one and only Her Majesty The Queen is celebrating her 91st Birthday!!!

"Twinings have been supplying teas to the royal household ever since Queen Victoria appointed us as a royal warrant holder and tea supplier to her household in 1837." -

What better way than to raise a cuppa on this very day to the lady herself?

How cute are these gift jars of individual Twining's favourites? The jars both contain individually wrapped pyramid bags (70 plus the jar for £25 each).

The "Full English Breakfast" blend Loose Leaf Pyramids are actually one of my favourites of a morning. There's a slight citrus twang to them, which gives you that little sparkle we all need to pick us up before we shoot out the door. Naturally with Twining's though, there's an enormous selection to choose from, from this more traditional blend, to its fruitier cousins with the likes of "Apple and Elderflower".

Don't forget to use the hashtag #Nationalteaday in your tasty posts, and even message me here or on twitter with your posts too!

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