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Doorstep Chocolate…

Heeep, it’s been a fair old time since I reviewed a subscription box, and all of a sudden I’ve been exposed to TWO this week, the first being Chococurb.

“Premium, gourmet chocolate delivered to your door…”

Chococurb are actually an American branded subscription service who scoop together a whole load of “not your average Hershey’s” bars of chocolate, and hold them up in your face to enjoy at your doorstep as a one off pick and choose option, OR you can have the choice of two subscription types:

  1. Chococurb Mini: Get a personalized assortment of 3 gourmet, premium chocolate items each month. Starting at just $20/month (about £16).
  2. Chococurb Classic: Get a personalized assortment of 5-7 gourmet, premium chocolate items each month. Starting at just $35/month (about £28).
Sadly the box was a little damaged in transit, but it is all the way from America I guess :)

Sadly the box was a little damaged in transit, but it is all the way from America I guess 🙂

You can even choose to gift a subscription to someone too, if you’re stuck for a birthday or Christmas treat. See more here for details:

If I’m entirely honest with you, 100% of the brands on offer at Chococurb are completely unknown to me, but first impressions are that they follow the same luxe vibe as Hotel Chocolat, Thorntons, and Lovechock- again, not your average Hershey’s or Cadbury’s. You can see them here

What’s Inside?

Chococurb were so kind as to send me along the Chococurb Classic which, as I mentioned above, consists of 5-7 premium chocolate bars, blind picked for me, delivered to my door. I’m delighted to say that they arrived in perfect timing for Christmas, AND although they were whisked over here via US Air Mail, I suffered no tax or import charges at this end! Thank goodness!

The box in general reminded me a lot of other premium sub services where care has obviously been taken as much in the packaging as it has with the product choices. The box is branded, as is the wrapping, and everything is stacked awfully neatly inside considering it’s been flying in the hull of a plan for goodness knows how many days. Sure, there was a little cosmetic damage to the box, but it happens to anything coming along with Mr Postman from time to time.

Chocolate Surprises:

  1. Chocolat Modern NYC Street Nuts Bar: Dark Choc (62%) with caramelized almonds, cashews and peanuts seasoned with sea salt.
  2. Ethereal Confections Handcrafted Inclusion Chocolate Bar: 66% Cacao topped with crushed candy cane bits and cocoa nibs.
  3. Evolve Truffles: Pacific Northwest Cherry Coffee Hazelnut & Blueberry Cardamom truffles x 2
  4. Forte Artisan Chocolates: Milk Chocolate Love bar (simply a bar of milk chocolate!)
  5. Taza Chocolate Stone Ground: Coconut Crunch
  6. Tcho: Mokaccino flavoured mini chocolate (“Milk Chocolate and blue bottle coffee “Mokaccino”)

It’s a lovely idea, in my opinion (I mean when isn’t it a good idea when you’re a fan of blimming good chocolate, right?) and certainly lives up to its “We really want to treat you this month…like REALLY really” message.

The price really does reflect the type of chocolate inside fairly. Sure, it’s really top end of the scale in terms of how much you might want to spend on chocolate a month, but each of these bars can come between $6-$10 per bar, so if you’re splashing out on a 7 piece box, you’d be looking at around $42 at the minimum RRP.

Definitely worth a try, and most certainly a much appreciated treat for anyone with the dark nights so every present as we approach a long anticipated spring time (hurry up!!).


This box was very kindly sent to be for review by the chococurb team. All thoughts are 100% strictly those of my own.


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