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Blogger Business Cards! lUXE EDITION.

I was very excited to announce the other day that I now have a “proper” email address for! Hooray! Before, I was just directing mail to my personal inbox, but very quickly realised that this was quite a bad idea when trying to separate blogging from general life stuff.

To celebrate, and with many events on the blogging calendar coming up for the remainder of the year, I decided to go ahead and grab me some new blogging ‘business cards’ from

Moo are a very “on trend”, clean cut, modern printing company who cater for a tonne of printout requirements from stickers, to post cards, and of course, business cards.

Their business cards don’t just come in a regular fashion though. Not at all. You can go thick, thin, square, cubed, they’re all over the place, and I was spoilt for choice, but ultimately I knew what my basic needs were:

  1. I wanted an original design which showed off some of my site content (like my photographs).
  2. I wanted really good quality card. These things will easily just crumple to bits in prospective contacts pockets.
  3. I wanted them to be not too big, but easy to read.

The ones which seemed to fit the bill rather perfectly were the Luxe Business Cards on offer. You can read more about them here , but as a quick summary:
Luxe Business Cards from £28.79 for 50.
(£23.99 ex. VAT)
Made with exclusive Quadplex technology
Extra thick, premium 600 gsm stock
Choose from 8 striking colour seams
Now available with Rounded Corners

I was definitely convinced that the paper quality was going to be good, and it was pretty neat that they were telling me that I could have little coloured “seams” through the centre of the depth of each card. I’ll show you what I mean later.

Delivery for 50 cards was pretty darn good, as they arrived comfortably on working day 2 with priority shipping. It’s a little expensive for a rushed job, at over £10 for fast lane shipping, but you can bring that right down if you’re in no hurry.

On delivery, the box they arrived in was way more than what I was expecting! It had a little replica wax seal and everything, as well as a VERY sturdy storage box included.

 I opted to choose a ready made template design for my cards, because I’m a creative fool when it comes to anything like this, however I manipulated it to reflect me and by adding my own imagery, changing fonts, colour schemes, and so on. You can fully customise all templates, as well as just start from scratch if you like!

I opted to only have three card variations, but you can have usually as many as you like (depending on the template, if you use one). You can also just stick to a really minimal card, and just have your initials or something.

Know what else you can have on some cards? Gold…

Gold foiling. Not even joking. You can pick yourself some designs which actually have gold foiled (not real gold, mind) accents, from just zig-zags to…well…all sorts!

So yeah! Like I mentioned before, a nice option on this pack is that coloured banding around your cards. It’s an option which comes in a handful of colours, from pink to black. I chose black, as you can see.

Size and weight wise, the cards are not too big but plain to see, and the weight or thickness of them is INTENSE. VERY rigid feel which would probably even withstand some amount of water contact! Ideal for handing out at hectic events.



Very happy with this little set of Luxe cards for sure. I would absolutely say that make sure the images that you are using on your cards are the absolute raw they can be. They need to be high quality, else you will absolutely notice any kind of blurring or low resolution, and you don’t want that when you’re investing in so many of these things. There’s no going back once they’re printed.

I’d also recommend planning ahead for when you need these, as like I say, the fast track delivery can be pretty expensive but that is to be expected.

If you’re looking for chic new business cards, or even something cute to send your friends and family for an occasion, then I would totally recommend

Do you have any recommendations for printing companies that you’d like to share?


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  1. 2 November, 2016 / 2:02 pm

    Ooo, last time I had business cards made I used Moo and loved them. I’ve recently started a new blog so might have to get some new cards made up.
    Lovely blog by the way. Looked you up after reading about you in Blogosphere magazine.

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