If you’re already familiar with my jaunting, you’ll know that I’m now no stranger to Scarlett London events after my first experience at #BloggersBall (You can find my write up on that here).

Only months later there’s another scheduled, and it was now #BloggersFestival, on the 3rd of September, at the swanky Conrad Hotel, Broadway, London.

It was once again time to get stuck in with some new brand chatter, and new blogger hugging all over again.

If you’re not entirely sure what a blogging event entails, it’s basically a super effective way to network with brands and meet your favourite like-minded twitter friends in the flesh, whilst also being able to take home lots of freebies to craft yourself some fancy new content with!

Speaking of freebies, I swear I’ve never known swag like it before after #BloggersFestival! My goodness me, I could hardly walk back to the tube! More on that later. More on that later.

To kick everything off, the generosity began with our tummies…

On arrival to the event, we were all greeted with a bucks fizz, or a non alcoholic alternative in very fancy, long stemmed wine glasses. There were very smartly dressed attendants walking around with pieces of slate, with miniature gourmet burgers sitting proudly on the top of them for everyone to paw and instagram over. Once again, Scarlett knocked it out of the park for making her guests feel blooming special.

This time around there were many more photographers with exceptionally professional looking lenses attached to their cameras, lining up in front of a wall covered with white flowers for a pretty backdrop to your next profile pic. I got a little shy at that to begin with, but I won’t lie, I did go for a sneaky selfie there as I was leaving.

Turning the corner from the entrance, the “brand promenade” I like to call it, was immediate…and there were many. So many. Tables stretched around the room, spilling with gifts and goodies for everyone.

The Brand Lineup

Brands for everyone’s tastes, ranging from leather goods, hair care, skin care, electronics, food, everything! I can’t really think of anything else which the event could have done with in terms of brand opportunities actually. There was even a whole section dedicated to IBS and Digestive Discomfort awareness! EVERYTHING!

Some brands like Jewellery Box and Luscombe Drinks I had met before (JB are everywhere right now, and rightly so!), but there were also people from the likes of Beverly Hills Formula Toothpastes with a really amazing looking black toothpaste for whitening (I know right?!), Natural World hair care with products for all strains of hair issues, and Deborah Mitchell skincare with their incredibly rare that it’s just about extinct face cream (One day…ONE DAY!!).

Each representative from each brand were welcoming, informative, and desperate to share their products with a passion, which is exactly what you want from marketing people. I want to get excited over what they have to offer, and they need to be excited about what they’re offering.

Brand Favourites Spotlight

As with every networking event though, I come away having been dazzled by a selection of brands in particular, and I’d love to share them with you!


If I see anything edible, I’m there. One of my most favourite topics to write about, is food. I love a good recipe to follow, and a new tasty treat to scoff down on. So who do I find in the back corner? Opies. A gorgeous display of preserves just waiting to show some love to a cook book for treats this coming autumn and winter. Glace cherries for your Christmas cakes and cocktails, gherkins for your last minute summer BBQ burgers, jars of ginger for your snuggley puds…the works.

Representative Lesley was utterly wonderful to talk to, and ideas were flowing back and forth all over the place. I came away so very inspired, and desperate to get back in the kitchen again.


Fashion! TALK TO ME ABOUT FASHION! Alexandra from Shop Direct approached a small group of us whilst we were having a natter to tell us about her involvement with Very.co.uk, and their interest in introducing more blogger types to the brand, as she honestly admitted that they are lacking in that area at the moment. She was super smiley, and again, passionate about why she was there and who she was looking for. Under her arm she handed out the latest autumn and winter fashion booklet with some genuinely gorgeous looking ensembles in there that got my fashion face a pining. I love autumn, truly, don’t get me started. I’m very likely to immediately go off topic if I start thinking about how much I want to be layering right now. I need the burgundy.

Introducing Nick

Know what makes the whole experience even more perfect? Sharing it with a Nick. I had the absolute pleasure of bringing a very, very dear friend along with me to #BloggersFestival – Best.Thing.Ever.

Nick actually managed to cause quite a stir actually, with both his very impressive camera hanging around his neck, as well as my own! In fact, all of the photographs in this post are courtesy of Nick’s own fair hands. I’m so inspired by people who can use manual cameras, and all of my own photography wouldn’t have such composure and love behind them if it wasn’t for people like Nick and my husband Lloyd showing me how awesome it is to take a blooming good photo! It’s where my own passion for “The Visual” comes from, and I can’t thank them enough! Not only is Nick blooming good with a camera, he’s an incredibly talented musician and animator too! 

Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of Nick at events in the future, as he pads out his own photography portfolio with shots of glamorous bloggers and fancy venues. For more of his work, make sure you check out his Twitter and Instagram, and give him a follow.



  1. Nirvana
    7 September, 2016 / 3:01 pm

    Your photography is lovely! Enjoyed reading your post – it was such a great event I thoroughly enjoyed it! I’m blogging over at careergirlsite.wordpress.com xo

    • 7 September, 2016 / 3:19 pm

      Hiya! So kind. Thanks for reading, and also sharing your blog!! I notice you were there too!! Great blog! Thanks for stopping by! xo

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