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Back again for a second meet up with the fabulous Team Blogosphere at their divine, and ultimately sunny Summer Party in the big London City. If you’re not familiar with Blogosphere Magazine, it’s the biggest ‘out there’ publication of bloggers, for bloggers, and never ceases to provide extended support in all areas of the Blogger Community. If you didn’t know already, my first meet up with the publishing team was over at their Afternoon Tea Party a few months back.

Alice. Editor in Chief.

Alice. Editor in Chief.

Just to catch you up, the Magazine is developed by Editor in Chief Alice, and Albertine and Elaine who are both Editorial Assistants. 100% personable, approachable, and just chat to you as friends! They don’t hide behind the scenes, they get stuck in and mingle with us snap happy lot, and scroll through the instagram pictures like the best of us!

The turn out for the Summer Party was as incredible as the last event, and everyone was once again working the room with one another, and as with most bloggers I’ve met, were not afraid to make conversations with new faces.

I massively excited to see some old faces, as well as be happily introduced to some perfectly preened new faces too! Such kind and chatty ladies! To name a few new friends:

I mean, my partner in double life crime, and absolute blogging BAE was by my side for the day, but more about her later. So, you can imagine, it felt like a really, flipping, hands down, super little day for sure.

In addition to a spread of cakes so ethereal that your face would rather frame them, this time around there were physical brands present in the form of The London Tea Company who were dishing out tasty samples of a fruity tea drink (which contained no tea, actually! No one trick pony, these lot!), and dazzled us all with a rainbow display of colourful branded boxes so snap over, with sitting just as pretty across the way.

Having brands present at blogger meets is such a fantastic idea. Anyone will know that us bloggers have an overpowering urge to sample and report. It’s just what we do, right? Be it items or experiences, we’re there. We want to try it. We want to tell you about it.

In addition, the Blogosphere team had a really fancy bag for the goody-handout this time around (I mean, the last ones were fancy enough, but this was another level!), in the form of printed tote bags.

Inside there was a full size London Tea Company tea caddie of green tea teabags (Earl Grey was another option), a copy of the latest issue (Issue 9), and more chocolates all over the tables for your to pop a couple in there for the journey home. also had a little addition for the tote, with a little lucky dip box of a necklace and earring set. Super generous.

So where was I? Did I mention that I met back up with some “old faces” too? Did I? I mean you can’t even fathom how hyped I was to be reunited with my death star. My tombstone sister. Becky, of (aka @BeckyBedbug).

If you haven’t yet read my Blogosphere Afternoon Tea post, Becky and I met at the last Blogosphere Event, only of the back of me noticing that she may have been potentially travelling to it on the same train as me at the time, because I recognised the South West Train’s delicious looking carpet.

We’ve been buds ever since, and at last got to spend the day together eating sushi, sharing stories, guffawing, and taking photos together for the second time this year. Best thing.

Photogenic Corner

So take some time out to browse the very photogenic faces of tens and twenties of super talented bloggers below, of whom I skulked around and took photos of, quite possibly coming across as being the biggest sneaky stalker ever.

Seriously though, another huge set of great memories, featuring like minded people, glamorous eats, and the perfect setting.


The Blogosphere Team

B.M Official: (@BlogosphereM)

Albertine: (@AlbertineSarah)

Elaine: (@XOmisse)


t: @BlogosphereM

i: @Blogosphere_Magazine

Elaine. Editorial Assistant.

Elaine. Editorial Assistant.

Far Left: Albertine. Editorial Assistant.

Far Left: Albertine. Editorial Assistant.

Left to Right: @MeganJaneLillie, @saysallymay (me!), @BeckyBedbug, @Fii__Fii , @VixMeldrew, @TheTeeBee . Photo Credit of this group photo go to GraceHodgsonPhotography . 

Left to Right: @MeganJaneLillie, @saysallymay (me!), @BeckyBedbug, @Fii__Fii , @VixMeldrew, @TheTeeBee . Photo Credit of this group photo go to GraceHodgsonPhotography . 

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