Last week I was so, so hyped to have been welcomed into such a warm little blogging community, called #CambMeetUp, established by a very lovely lady named Pippa, of What better way to celebrate than join a super selection of the group for brunch, and Bohemia in St Neots.

Bohema is one of those intimate, “Neo-Rustic” feeling bistro style eateries who smash their Avocado, serve delicious drinks in milk bottle style glasses, and have tables made out of old boats (not even joking). In short, it is utterly fabulous.

In better, and their own words:

With a bohemian cross industrial style we pride ourselves on providing an extremely comfortable warm and welcoming atmosphere while still maintaining a stylish and clean feel. -


The menu is simple and delicious with a breakfast selection for full on meat fans, to a very proud vegan option, as well as a brunch and light lunch offering which, as I say, sees a great deal of Avocado getting smashed for your culinary pleasure (I can’t tell you how happy I was about this), and a very fresh and gorgeous selection of salads with optional toasted chick peas (amazing), feta, chorizo, and served with sour dough in most instances. Such a rare thing to find sour dough served up locally! Maybe coming from 3 years in the Isle of Wight, I’m just not used to encountering such delicacies yet. 

A very smart specials wall shows off cocktails, dessert, and more.

The real fun part comes from the fact that the entire serving and dining area is open plan. It’s very awesome to see a couple of chefs zipping about at the back of the room making your food look fancy for you before it hits your table. All of the serving staff, and chefs were really lively, personable, and attentive, with drinks being served at the ready. Oh, and before I forget, the bottles of water with spring of mint going on that were topped up on the regular, were quite honestly the most delicious examples of table water I’ve ever tasted, and I’m not a water fan.

And then,everyone’s favourite moment had finally arrived around 20 minutes after ordering (not bad for a table of 8!).

Brunch was served beautifully, with my choice being salmon, poached egg, and avocado (served guac style) on sour dough.

Several ladies had the vegan breakfast, which looked utterly divine.

My dish was called “The Bohemia” and cost £7.00 total. You can have a drool over the set menu here on the Bohemia, St Neots, website listing here.


i should absolutely take some time out to introduce the super ladies who made this deliciousness a possibility though, and again express how grateful I was to have been invited so soon after discovering the group!

If you’re local to Cambridge, or even if you’re not, #CambMeetUp are primarily based on Facebook and Twiiter, with 89 members and 289 followers.

As mentioned earlier in, Pippa of rallied a collection of extremely talented bloggers together to socialise and share fun and resources as the #CambMeetUp group –

– and from there, there have been regular events held, meeting planned, and a very active community developed with activity on Facebook being fluent throughout the day! It’s fantastic!

 I very rarely have had the chance to join a proper social group which isn’t solely based online in the past, simply due to having spent the last 3 years on the Isle of Wight, however now I’m feeling very spoiled by all of the very lovely experiences I’m having so soon after moving to Cambridge, and can’t wait to be even more involved over the months and years ahead.

Naturally, all of these ladies are crazy photogenic.

My time with the girls and tasty food was cut a little short by me having desperately booked a trip to see the BFG that afternoon, but it was wonderful to spend the time I did with everyone, and the film was pretty blooming brilliant too. Super nostalgia.

Again, all of my thanks to the group for having me, and to Bohemia for allowing us to have such a wonderful time! No one batted an eyelid (much) at how much we were lusting over everything through our viewfinders.

I’ll be really excited to visit again soon, and perhaps sample more of the menu, especially the fruity looking drinks!


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  1. 6 August, 2016 / 6:59 pm

    LOVE this post. Thank you so much for your kind words about the Camb Meet Up, you are very, very welcome! 🙂 Hopefully see you again soon at another one of our meet ups. In the meantime, if there is something you want to do with any girls, just post it in the group and I am sure someone will say yes! <3

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