Summer Refreshment


A little while ago, Lloyd and I were in London for a meeting with Shake Shack (ha). I had to pop off to the loo before we headed home, and whilst I was gone, Lloyd found a really pretty bottle of ‘Damascene Rose Bubbly’ by Luscombe Drinks, in a cafe in Covent Garden. Very excited by this, I absolutely had to steal a sip. and the love started there.

When it says ‘Bubbly’, don’t be fooled. These little guys are 100% “Soft”, and non alcoholic. Very much being awarded the “Adult Soft Drink” prize of the year. 

Flavour Favourites

There are so very many flavours in the Luscombe range, with eight being pure juices, a whopping fourteen in the soft drink range, and a cutle little Devon Cider of its own, in the alcoholic section. We’re yet to find the juices locally, however as I say, we have our favourites, and they go a little like this:

Damascene Rose Bubbly: Combines Damascene rose, Muscat grape juice and Sicilian lemons with sparkling spring water. A delicate flavour, great for a really fresh palate cleanser.

Sicilian Lemonade: It’s sharp, fragrant, and cloudy. True and faithful to the traditional lemonade style.

Strawberry Crush:  My personal favourite. This guy is made with organic strawberries, Muscat grape juice, Sicilian lemon juice and a hint of bubbles. It’s the most intense flavour in this selection.

Wild Elderflower Bubbly: Fresh flowers picked in full sun in May and June, and popped into the recipe of this very fresh addition. Elderflower has quite a sharp hit at first, but mellows to sweet and floral, much like the Rose Bubbly. This goes perfectly with a cheeky top up of Prosecco.

So on BBQ day at some local friend’s house, we decided to crack out the Luscome! It was quite a mini celebration in itself really. Lloyd and I have not long moved to Cambridgeshire, it’s been our first summer with our good friends local, and it’s all about relaxing and feeling a bit special in each other’s company really!

I personally don’t drink alcohol unless it’s a little sip in a toast, however I do like to feel “part of the champagne crew” with posh drinks like these, and so I did!

A Cheeky Twist.

However, we can’t deny a little tipple to those that enjoy it right? And these drinks welcome a top up of “something special” extremely well indeed.

All flavours can be served beautifully with the addition of a few berries to the glass, and a halfway pouring of your favourite white wine, Prosecco, or all out top Champers.

Who can deny a home made Rum Baba as an accompaniment too, right?


If you know me a little by now, you’ll know that I try my very best to always source food and drink with minimal “messing”. By that, I mean I don’t tend to go for food and drink which has added sugars, heavy gluten, and masses of additives. This isn’t for wanting to induce snobbery in myself, but more for the fact that my stomach is so freaking sensitive that I can’t bear the tummy ache. It seems that making food fresh from ingredients I can see, snacking on minimal ingredients, and avoiding manufactured stodge (however divine it tastes) really helps me in life. Happy to say that these drinks fit in perfectly at that.

A little I’ve found out about the brand:

Luscombe Drinks are hand-made in small batches and have subtle variations in taste or colour depending on the conditions their growers encountered during the season.  The drinks often have sediment, which is evidence of their authenticity and proof that Luscombe uses as few juicing processes as possible.

Luscombe use fruit to get their flavours – there are no additives, synthetics or concentrates in any of the drinks in the Luscombe range

Luscombe Drinks is a proud member of the Soil Association, the UK’s leading membership charity campaigning for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use.

You can discover lots more, like I have, at the Luscome Drinks website.



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