Blogging Roundup | June 2016

100s and 1000s

It’s…well it’s utter bonkers. I was going to do weekly ones of these, but I feel like they might have been a bit too boring, as I’m currently meeting milestones in unexpected bursts as oppose to dribs and drabs these days.

So, a lot has happened since my last roundup. For one, I had to move house, from the Isle of Wight all the way to Cambridge.

I was absolutely terrified that I perhaps wouldn’t be able to blog as much to keep my progression going, and It was true, I couldn’t. All of my blogging supplies and props had to be boxed up, I was focused a tonne on emailing my new job back and forth, planning setting up my new home, arranging to leave the old home, it was just madness. The thing is…It seems to have actually helped me, in terms of my online development.

Seeing as I was not able to physically write posts for about a week long gap, I decided to focus my energy and keep my online presence going by devoting my spare time to reader interaction. All of the time I would have needed to take to write posts, was now spent easily on my phone, on twitter, making conversations, writing poll surveys, taking part in more twitter chats, so on and so forth.

So, after a week of developing relationships, devoting time to just chatter…

I went from around 250 genuine followers, to…over quadrupling myself. What’s 5 times something?!

So to this sudden surge of new friends, I could push my existing blog content, and keep it alive during the move! The followers continued to flow in, chat with me, support me, and it’s been amazing!

I have 100% learned now that mastering the blog and aesthetics is one thing to work on developing, but nurturing your audience by getting personally stuck in with them is a very, VERY valuable other.

In The Print.

Not sure if you know this, but I love Blogosphere Magazine. Alice, the Editor, is an inspiration, and Albertine, the Events Manager and Assistant Editor is just as much so, and is so blooming approachable with anything, it’s unreal.

If you didn’t know, Blogosphere Magazine are a Blogger Support Magazine, in ACTUAL mainstream print,  and they hosted a Tea Party some time ago, which I attended solo, and left with friends.

They craft gorgeous publications every three months, and now run on a tiered subscription service, which you can read more about here. The sign up rewards are amazing by the way.


From Blogosphere, the writers, the editor, and the community it has created for itself, I have been ever more inspired by their gifts of knowledge and development, to bring you the content you see today from me! My passion for the whole ‘Blogger Thing’ is just at it’s maximum right now, and thanks to support networks like this!

It's how I met my

It’s how I met my “Graveyard Sister”, Becky Bedbug…and my gosh, was I hyped to see her face this issue…

So I’m there, flicking through the pages of the latest issue this morning, loving every minute because I could actually, proudly say that most of the amazing bloggers featured were now my online friends…

I then reach over and grab the Events Supplement, open it up, and BOOM!

It’s me!! It’s flipping me! My Tea Party photography, my gushing quote, a little piece of me was right there in the Events Supplement! A supplement to all of my inspirations! Still all in pieces over this.

It just means that my work and passion is actually paying off, you know? It applies to anything! Just keep the cogs turning, no matter what. Find alley ways and worm holes, keep waving to people, keep taking advice. It’s the only way to grow both your hobby, AND personally.

Some sad news linked to Blogosphere though, is that due to some absolutely crazy road restrictions, and a battle to get from Bournemouth to London during those happenings, I missed my train to attend the Issue 9 launch party. Huge cry. I was massively looking forward to it, but it 100% could not be helped. Thankfully Albertine and Alice were more than supportive. Still. Shame. Looked incredible though!


Speaking of events, another huge deal was attending the most recent Scarlett from ‘Scarlett London’ Event #bloggersball at DSTRKT, Piccadilly Circus, London.

Held during the day, you can get dressed up to celebrate the start of summer (if you fancy) and come along to meet other online faces, build contacts for future branded collaborations and learn about how you can take your blog further. – Scarlett London Events

The most glam networking event of my life so far, this was such an incredible opportunity to mingle with new-to-me brands, and rub shoulders with some of the most talented bloggers. I had the chance to make friends with some really “in my niche” brands, build on my confidence even more by mingling, and even had the chance to have a little chat with Scarlett herself about how it was all going.

She was so chilled, cool, and just living it out really, like it was her front room! Everyone was just so hyped to be there…Still can’t quite believe I was one of them. Again, totally feel free to check out my full account of the day here.

Food. Everywhere.

This month has by far been the ‘Month of Food’. My recipe’s and food reviews have been the cause of some of my biggest reader spikes ever seen on analytics since my blog started, and I’ve attracted the eyes of some really marvellous other foodies and brands who have been asking me to come up with all sorts of ideas for my own concoctions. Flattery in its highest form, Roam & Relish, a wonderful new start up brand who kindly provided me with the inspiration (and samples) to create my ‘Personalised Pastrami Sandwich‘, have since seen my recipe post and replicated it themselves! Utterly overwhelmed. Definitely feeling a lot of love and support from the hungry tummies out there for sure. So grateful.

My Surgery Post

Another biggie was the real talk entry regarding my looming double jaw surgery, and the perils behind my wonky face. Ok it’s not as bad as I make it out to be, but I was very nervous to post such an intimate insight into my personal life…should we call it personal life though? It’s REALLY not that big a deal, but it is kind of my face, and all that.

I also had to share the exact issue I had going on, which meant putting a proper focus on my weird old chin and sticky-out lip bit which has been quite the insecurity for the past forever.

I have to admit though, with the company I choose to keep on Twitter, I had nothing to be shy or ashamed about. I’ve since been connected with other ladies and guys who have been and are going through the exact same treatment, with huge virtual hugs of support, and massively helpful accounts of “I’d do it all again in a heartbeat”. The surgery has changed a bazillion lives and created fully functional faces for the better from all this, and I’m so pleased to have found REAL stories to prove this. You can read my full first post on the matter here.


There are two more super insane developments which I can’t actually confirm to you right now, due to reasons revolving around strict “hush hush arrangements and non disclosure-ness”, but what I can say is how excited I am for at least the next TWO months worth of roundups which need to go up here.

So there we go! Thank you so much for sharing June with me in these majorly advancing fun times. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive network with my blogging ways, and it’s such a pride over-spill to see how far everything is coming along. So much fun.


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