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Create the Magnum of your dreams

“From a sprinkling of rose petals to dustings of black lava sea salt, how would you decorate your dream Magnum? With a new London location to be revealed soon, step inside a Magnum Pleasure Store and let your imagination run wild.”

Magnum Official

Kendall Jenner recently launched the latest installment of the Magnum Pleasure Store popups going on for 2016, with an appearance at the famous ‘Magnum Dipping Store’ in Cannes.

Since the opening of our very own London branch around Mayfair in May, there have been instagram posts all over the place enticing us all to have a go.

Now, my Husband Lloyd felt the hype, so we decided to go take a look so I could go all “reporter stylie” with my blogging camera, and see it all for real, and in the choco-flesh.

Where at?

The Magnum Pleasure Store

56 South Molton Street

We arrived just before the crowds actually, on a Friday Morning, at around 12:30ish. The store and storefront were decadently laid out, and looked stunning in the sunshine.

There’s a huge, oversized, fully encrusted magnum replica to one side of the shop window, with really gorgeous miniatures in a glass case to the other.

On hopping through the door, all of the staff were instantly animated, and hyped to start serving. 

There was a quick introduction to the process of having your magnum base, to be then single or double dipped in a choice of chocolate layers or even deluxe version with peanut and caramel sauces sandwiched inbetween, but Lloyd decided to settle with a vanilla center, white choc coating, meringue, blackberry chips, gold flake, finished with a milk chocolate drizzle.

All of the sprinkles and toppings available were immaculately displayed in chrome finsihed dishes, which our awesome server ‘Teniola’ (aka @Tenzys10) eagerly danced over whilst Lloyd made his final choices.

Once decided, the toppings were whisked off to the ‘Dipping Section’, ready for the fun part…

Three to go at, be it a single or double dip of milk, white, and caramel.

Once again, everything was so perfect in there for a place where people are almost literally throwing chocolate around, right!?

She was so fun, you can't even imagine! This girl has energy! Loved her!

She was so fun, you can’t even imagine! This girl has energy! Loved her!

So, following the mega exciting Dipping Process, it was time for the topping to shuffle on all fancy, like. 

Remember what the grand finale consisted of?

  1.  White chocolate coating.
  2.  Meringue pieces.
  3.  Blackberry pieces. 
  4. Gold flakes
  5. Finished with a milk chocolate drizzle.

Beautiful thing, huh? Absolutely one of those “Shame to even have to eat it” moments.

But, you know…It’d at the same time, be a terrible waste not to, right?

You’re all good for delicious looking, vanity shots now, right? But seriously, I was absolutely crazy with catching photo moments with this thing. It was completely irresistible, and Lloyd can 100% confirm that it was the most delicious Magnum he’s ever encountered, and had the pleasure of devouring.

Just as a quick run down of the formalities:

Opening times

Monday – Saturday: from 11am to 9pm
Sunday: from 12pm to 6pm

Opening dates

Our pop up store opens on the 26th May for the Summer (Closes mid September).


  • Single Dipped £4.50
  • Double Dipped £6.50

From Bean, to Bite

In addition to seeing the construction of such a perfect creation, I actually learned some extremely interesting facts about Magnum’s way with chocolate from the source, which I truly find fantastic!

Magnum are proud to speak out about the following:

We’re working closely with the Rainforest Alliance to make sure all our cocoa beans are responsibly sourced. It’s about quality and sustainability throughout every step of the journey.

Cocoa seeds are grown in pods that change colour as they ripen: from green to red, then red to purple and from purple to yellow. A single pod can contain between 30 – 50 cocoa beans.

On Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, farmers are taught that the best way to get the most from their cocoa beans is to leave them to ferment.

Only beans that meet our standards will become Magnum chocolate. Farmers are trained to pick the best ones, which they package and send to us ready for the next stage of the journey: roasting.

Today, over 98% of Magnum cocoa beans are sustainably sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms. We’re working hard to make it 100% very soon.

The beans help raise the farmers’ incomes, more women have the freedom to live the way they want and more children have access to education.

Extracts Taken From ‘Magnum Sustainability’ on their official website

This is great, and always really good to have insight into the sourcing of such produce, especially with the hardship behind it all. I’m a huge cocoa fan, and I always buy from ethically sourced companies, but I had no idea that Magnum held such a strong tie to The Rainforest Alliance themselves! Great work there.

Little Featurette!

Thanks Guys!

A little thank you to the guys and girls at London’s Magnum Pleasure Store in London, once again. You were so bright, bubbly, and clearly were having a tonne of fun with it all. Here’s a few memories of you awesome you make people’s day.


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