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Ok, so we’ve all done it. “Just popped out for a minute” to grab essentials, or simply and sandwich, but then “accidentally” stumbled into our favourite luxuries along the way.

I’m new to Cambridge. Infact, I only moved here a week ago, so I naturally needed to explore the area properly on first visit, and not just turn up to do chores, right?

Turns out, Cambridge is very much like London for it’s delicious foods, and luxury brands, and for someone who was living on a tiny island off the coast of England for the last 3 years, my senses had a lot to catch up on.

My Husband has been a huge fan of Penhaligon’s scents and shaving range for a fair old while now, and has always been meaning to whisk me off to Chelsea to treat me to a snoop around, however there was absolutely no need to, because low and behold, Penhaligon’s is now local!

I’m all stocked up on parfum for now, but after a really lovely chat with the gentleman shop assistant about all of the different ‘nose feels’ around, my eyes fell on the candle corner. My weakness.

Penhaligon’s Tea Candle Collection Box.

I love presentation. I love candles. A home is true to me, when it smells blooming good, and candles absolutely do this.

You can’t deny that a brand like Penhaligon’s, who know absolutely everything about how to make the most intensely beautiful and iconic scents, would know how to made a jolly good candle. 

Not only that, the obvious, high level attention to packaging and presentation is yet again reflected in the candle range, just as strong as it is with the wonderland of bottles around the room. If you’re not familiar, please take a look you absolutely must.

The range is, to say again, the Tea Candle Collection. To Quote:

Celebrating the great British tradition of tea drinking, our Tea collection is based upon some of our most popular teas – Earl Grey, Assam and Neroli (Lady Grey). As restorative as a good brew, they scent the home beautifully.

This delightful collection of miniature candles features the three scents from our Tea Candle collection. Each candle burns for up to 20 hours and is housed in beautifully opalescent glass.

I’m adoring so much. Typically British, it’s only expectant that Penhaligon’s would think to launch a tea series. Why wouldn’t they? Us Brits love the stuff, and this kind of theme for me, was an absolute insta-need. I love the blue, almost lace and spirograph design.

Sumptuous Penhaligon’s scented candles create a beautiful ambience, imbuing your home with wonderful aromas. These elegant candles are hand blended, packed with essential oils and have generous burn times making them the perfect gift or a personal indulgence.

In store, all three candles were displayed in the larger size for visitors to sniff and sample. Each one was unique, and fierce in strength unlit, so I was majorly excited at the prospect of actually lighting one on my coffee table from the off!

Assam Tea:

Our Assam Tea Candle is robust and reviving, shot thorough with green herbs and glorious rose. A bright and sunny blend. Assam tea has distinctive, flecked brown and gold leaves, a robust flavour, bright with a smooth, malt pungency.

Earl Grey Tea:

Our Earl Grey Tea Candle is an enigmatic and creamy brew. Golden fruits, rich rose and smooth sherry wrapped in the lightest veil of smoke and citrus. 

Neroli Tea:

Lady Grey tea is a pretty, pale golden brown and has a distinctive citrus flavour combined with highly scented orange blossom. 

Now, I have only one quibble with the set, and that is that the three candles are all visually identical in the box itself, and have no indication or labeling as to which is which, so if I was to pick my favourite right now, I couldn’t tell you the name of it, sadly. I’d have to perhaps take the candle in store to use the nose of the excellent staff.

On opening the sturdy rope handle closure, you’re greeted with the three little guys. I was very impressed that although this is the sampler range, each candle was housed in a high quality, branded, glass tumbler, and you could already see the fragrance oils sitting on the top of the wax, ready to hit you in the nose as soon as you place the lid down.

As you can see, each candle looks identical, so again, I have to warn you that without the information provided to me on which is which, I can’t say which IS which, but the one here in my shot that I did light, did not in any way disappoint. The scent developed almost instantly, as soon as the top layer of wax felt the warmth.

Within around 15 minutes of burning, and no other surrounding “scent factors” in the house to muscle in on it’s impact, the entire lounge was potent. That’s not to say, in an offensive way, but let’s say that if you’re like me and you like your scented candles to be actually scented, and true to the initial unlit scent, then these prove no disappointment.

I would say that each Penhaligon candle would do best to burn for probably no more than an hour, simply because the room can become rather saturated if you’re sat around lounging all day, and the scent actually continues to linger, even with cold wax! This is naturally only a massive positive to the formula, because you’ll get so much value from these little guys if they actually don’t need to be say lit constantly for your house to be smelling incredible, right?

More vanity shots. I swear, this is the most beautiful purchase that I’ve ever had the joy of photographing. It’s just utterly gorgeous, and I actually can hardly stop looking at the coffee table, if I’m honest.

The shop assistant mentioned to me that all Penhaligon candles burn exceptionally evenly, due to the wax/oil/wax/oil layering. I had no idea that there was a science behind an evenly burning candle, but I did an experiment!

So this candle was burning for a constant 3 and a half hours or so. On going to bed, I naturally blew it out to let it cool for the morning. Here’s how it looked when I went to light it at breakfast:

Solid wax again after leaving unlit, overnight. Perfectly level and settled wax, with no residue on the glass sides.

Solid wax again after leaving unlit, overnight. Perfectly level and settled wax, with no residue on the glass sides.

Point proven! Amazing work, Penhaligon’s. Hopefully you can appreciate just how evenly the wax has burned down from the picture above. For further example, in the background, is a top, mainstream brand in home candles (think…New York…), who looks every so slightly messy in comparison.

Purchase info:

This trio and gift box come in at a really excellent price of £40. 

For the cost, you get your three unique candles, all burning at 20 hours each, with the true Penhaligon quality to die for, and a glorious gift box to store your trinkets in, if you like.

For an additional £47 (so £87 total), you can pick up your favourite scent from the sampler range, in a huge 750g, triple wick version. These big guys burn for 110 hours, and come in at a hefty height of 115mm, and Diameter of 117mm. You can find them in store, of course, or here.

So What Else?

Other bits and bobs which were kindly popped into my back at checkout are pretty wonderful too, so I thought I’d quickly share them with you (again, any excuse to carry on playing with the camera).

In my carrier, the store assistant popped a copy of the Penhaligon’s Times, a very high quality ‘newspaper style’ leaflet (it’s huge actually), which tells you all about the latest happenings with the brand, the stores, and timeless fragrances. Inside, my husband learned that there’s actually a barbershop built in to the Penhaligon’s store in Covent Garden, where you can have the full ‘Gentleman’s Beard Experience’, if you have a Gentleman’s Beard.

I also picked up some free samples! Naturally before landing on the candles, I was guided around the glamorous centre table of personal pafums to find the one to fit me.

Wonderfully, the store assistant completely enforced the need to ALWAYS TRY before you buy, even if you 100% adore a scent, never, ever buy it on a whim, unless you’ve worn it around for a few hours already.

My skin is crazy. I oxidize scents like madness, and even the most high quality fragrance can spoil on me within a few hours, and true to fashion actually, one which I did try on in store has indeed changed for the worse on me, where as the one on my other arm is delightful. It’s a curse, but when store people fully understand this, and that I’m not trying to dodge handing my money over, I’m in heaven. Excellent service.

So, even free samples come perfectly packaged. See above, this lovely grey/blue pocket masterpiece. Inside, are three lovely smells.

I naturally love them all on first smell, but I can’t make any official statements at the moment as to how they wear on me. I’ll gloss over them for now, but be back in touch when I’ve experienced them thoroughly.

As a rough guide, the Penhaligon scents (EDP and EDTs) range in prices around £125 for 100ml. If you’re actually looking into, and visiting these guys though, you’ll know that their pieces are INVESTMENTS in quality, and not just regular, high street formulas.

Such a wonderful time at my first trip to Penhaligon’s! It was every bit the hype my Husband, Lloyd, had expressed to me, and I will absolutely be back in a heartbeat. Incredible quality products, and exceptional service. A true credit to a luxury British brand.


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