Blogsperation | Blogger’s Block

It’s funny really, this weekend I’ve been really socially busy in terms of “blogger activity”. I spent the whole day on Sunday enjoying twitter chats, and even hosted my first one for #Bloggeration_ Sunday breakfast times! It was awesome. 

The topic was “How do you get your content?”, and other chatter surrounding blogger traffic maintenance, and reader generation. I had an absolute blast, everyone welcomed me with mega kindness, and I ended up finishing the whole thing with the cutest compliments and new friends.

I then joined in the #Lbloggerschat and #BlogosphereM chat too, until the day just disappeared and I was buzzing on blogger interaction happiness!

Then I forgot everything I ever knew about blogging, and topics dissolved from my noggin’ like a bath bomb.

What I think happened was I overstocked myself. 

I had all of this information, excitement, new knowledge, combined with so much stuff around me I could rattle on about that everything just popped into one bit ‘bluuurrrrrk’.

I mean I’m still super new to this. I’ve only had this whole “proper blog” setup now for less than 6 months, and I might have just ‘blog blocked’ myself into an input explosion.

To get out of it, and trust me, after 10 hours of gawping at my collection of stuff with hope something would come to me, here’s what I finally did.

  1. Something else.
  2. That’s it.

I watched TV, made porridge, cleared the lounge, put down Twitter, and ate about a pint of Alpro Coconut Yogurt.

After all that, I looked at my new bits and bobs over in the corner, and had to smile at the extremely cute wall art I got from the even CUTE-ER-ER Coconut Lane , which said “Blog Insta Coffee Repeat“. That is kind of all I was doing, and my attention has been enormously focused on my blog progress the last month after it’s boomed somewhat, and that’s fine! I love it! I maybe should have some time to free my mind up so I let more in at times, but that’s the learning curve.

[Notebooks, Rose Gold Mirrored Phone Case: Coconut Lane (20% off with the code sallymay20 | ‘Where the Light is’ shadows by ‘Colourpop’ (review to come!) | Pen from ‘Kawaii Box‘ | Snacks from ‘Primal Snack Box‘]

So here are some big ideas on how I will try and avoid “Blogger’s Block” moving forward!

  1. Make Notes! If I’m sat staring at my blog template screen trying to force out a post without any real direction, close it down, grab a notebook, sit in front of Netflix or go outside or something, and do something else. Keep the notebook there for when that golden inspo suddenly decides to show up.
  2. A post doesn’t have to be about a ‘thing’, like a food or a product. Most of the time I feel like it should be, but that’d silly! Blogs are about letting yourself waffle a bit! If there’s something on my mind, like ‘Blogger’s block’, then that’s post worthy stuff! Why wouldn’t it be?!
  3. Bring in ‘Targets’. I found recently that I was just trying to get as many posts written as possible, which meant I just exhausted myself. I didn’t have much structure to the month of April, so for May I’m going to set achievable targets, like 3 main posts a week, with the rest of the days focusing on other blogger jobs, like site maintenance, twitter socialising, and blog reading (other people’s blogs!). All these things on structured, set days of the week to avoid the pressure.

I’m thinking that now things are so busy here with ‘saysallymay’ that it might be a blooming good idea to get a calendar to map all this out, and make it really “In my face” visual to make it easy for myself.

I’ll check back in with you and let you know how it goes and what it looks like. No more Blogger’s Block, please!

What do you do to make sure you keep on track with your goals for the blogging week?


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