Past the Middle | My Class III Malocclusion

It’s been a little while since my introduction to the ‘jaw wibbles’, but now seems like there’s been enough change to have a catch up on the whole thing.

It’s all such a very slow process, but that’s how it has to be really. My current teeth have to shift into the right position for my new jaw in a few months, and that’s by no means a quick effort on their part.

What’s currently happening?

  • My orthodontist took some current molds of my upper and lower teeth to see how far off they are from being correctly positioned when closed (they can only judge that by clay molds sitting on top of one another because mine don’t close, of course).

  • Things are looking pretty good with how the molds sit together at the moment, however they did show us that the right side of my teeth, if I were to have the surgery now) wouldn’t touch together at the back. This means that my top set of teeth need to span wider.

  • To make my top set even wider, a new wire has been fixed through my brackets to pull everything sideways. You have no idea how much I love this. I always had such a narrow smile, but now I have this Cheshire Cat thing going on, and it’s blooming awesome.

  • My bottom teeth still have some gaps where I needed extractions, however they’re moving together pretty good, and to just give them one last push I’ve had one long “power chain“. Power chains are absolutely badass, in both name and function. The speed that these things move teeth around is terrifying…in  a good way.

And so we wait some more.

I have another 6 weeks to go until my next appointment where we’ll review again any movement, and when my next surgeon appointment will be to schedule a date for the big operation. It’s estimated to be around 4-6  months from now.

Differences I’ve notice up to this point.


  1. Straight teeth! So, so straight! I actually don’t even care that my jaws don’t close sometimes because my orthodontist has done such an incredible job of pulling everything into place for me to have super confidence with my smile already.


  1. Because my teeth are now in line for a totally differently positioned set of jaws, I’m now more facially “wonky”. I only really have about 4 teeth on either side which do anything, the rest are open or misaligned to chew with. The 4 teeth that are actually able to tear food so I can eat happily just so happen to be at the very back, so I have to put all of my food to the very back of my mouth in order to crush it enough to safely swallow it, which can sometimes be pretty scary.
  2. My mouth hangs open like a gawping fish thing when I don’t focus on keeping the darn thing shut. Again, due to the shift of my teeth, bite, and palate, my jaws are really sitting awkwardly so I just look like I’m constantly shocked at something if I’m in a slacked out resting face moment….blurgh.
  3. Food just falls out of my mouth sometimes! No warning! No realisation! The gaps and shifted positions just cause my food to just escape completely during the occasional meal time. It’s embarrassing, but I honestly can’t stop it when it wants to go.
  4. If I want to do a closed mouth smile, it looks like I’ve got a gum shield behind my lips or something. Everything is pushing forward, so naturally it looks like it’s pushing out of my lips if I want to close them. I need to really hold them closed fully if I want them to not show any peep of tooth coming through…probably the most self- conscious thing going on at the moment. 

So yeah, currently the negatives well outweigh the positives, but the thing that makes those negatives bearable is the fact that I can see pretty clearly the end result in the mirror every day (using my imagination of course). I’m getting less and less scared about the actual procedure

Image taken from

Image taken from

I do get some funny looks and questions from time to time about the whole appearance of the thing at the moment, but that’s only curious human nature, and actually people seem pretty interested once I explain myself. 

Not long now!


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  1. 10 February, 2017 / 3:19 am

    I love that you’re documenting this! I had upper jaw surgery (top jaw removed and the bone shaved down at the top), and my brothers had both their upper and lowers done. Yay for genetics! Wishing you luck! It was a game changer for me, for sure!

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