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This week (week beginning Feb 27th 2017) sees a very special day in the calendar...Pancake day or 'Shrove Tuesday'.

Wikipedia says: "Shrove Tuesday (also known in Commonwealth countries as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake day) is the day in February or March immediately preceding Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), which is celebrated in some countries by consuming pancakes."

Happily I took on the challenge this month with my wonderful friends at Opie's Foods (it wasn't a challenge at all. It was utterly a blessing to get on with) of crafting and sharing what I consider to be one of my absolute favourite flavour combos for pancakes.

I'm a fruity girl (ey-up) when it comes to fluffy batter creations, and if I'm honest, I would have cream on ANYTHING if you'd let me/if it was safe on the tummy enough, so my recipe was very much able to write itself from square one to be honest!


The recipe itself is incredibly simple, and in my opinion way more fool proof than crepe style pancakes (I'm actually pretty bad at those you know). The batter itself is a simple mix of flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and a sprinkle of salt, with nothing more to add other than your own imagination, and mine screams berries. Opie's Summer Berry Compote kinda berries.


You can check out my recipe over here on the Opie's Foods Webite

If you do have a go at it or any of your favourite recipes for pancakes yourself, don't forget to take a picture and tag both myself (@saysallymay) and Opie's Foods (@OpiesFoods) to show off your creation with a spam spree of sharing!

Enjoy Pancake Day, and if you like, enjoy pancakes every day!*

*I mean you can, but be mindful of your health of course. I don't think it's advised...

Photo time!

This recipe is lovingly crafted in association with Opie's Foods.

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