Spanish-Style Eggs, Chorizo & Peppers

Let’s Start!

Let’s kick this off with some tatties! One sweet for me, and the other white for Lloyd. The first step in this dish being “famously” 2 ways! Hooray!

Before you touch them, get the oven heated up to around 200 degrees C (that’s what I did, and mine is not fan assisted).

Take a personal portion’s worth of potato and roughly chop into chunks.

Generously season the potato on a baking tray with salt and pepper, as well as around 2 tablespoon’s worth of vegetable oil. Slide them into the hot oven, and forget about them for a whole 10 minutes.

In the meantime, slice a yellow pepper into…well…slices, roughly chop a handful of parsley (and set aside), dice a red onion, and finely chunk up a garlic clove (I ran out of words for chop).

Out of all of those things, only throw the pepper and onion into a medium heated frying pan, with a glug of vegetable oil. Allow to cook through until soft and caramelized.

Time to get meaty! Grab a pack of mini cooking chorizo and de-link those cute little guys. Take it one step further then, and slice each one in half vertically down the centre.

By this time, your potatoes will have been doing pretty well, so you want to take them out of the oven, and place on a heat proof surface for the moment, to then adorn it with a scattering of delicious chorizo.

Pop it all back in the oven for a further 10-20 minutes (depending on your oven, and how quickly everything is coming together)

Back to the frying pan. With everything going all soft and juicy, it’s now time to crank up the experience a bit and throw in a glug of white wine vinegar, along with the garlic you chopped up earlier. You can also add half of the chopped parsley at this point too. 

Allow that all to stew down some more, whilst you cook the crowning glory…

EGGS. Crack two eggs (size matters only as much as it does to you) into a lightly oiled pan which is able to wear a lid, and cook on a low to medium heat until at a consistency of your preference (3 minutes is advised). Halfway through the time, so say after 1.5 minutes, pop the lid on to finish the job.

And Serve

A delicious, rustic plate of goodness!

Substituting white potatoes for sweet reduces the carb content ever so slightly (if you don’t go overboard), and adds a bunch of nutrients. White potatoes add a hearty, homely crunch to the dish. The egg adds an excellent additional source of protein alongside the chorizo, and also gives a contrasting texture to the meal. 

Thanks for getting hungry with us!


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