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Let’s Start!

Gotta get straight to the Beef! Grabbing 250g of beef steak, tumble it into a hot pan with a little oil for browning. Make sure the beef is broken down into almost a minced consistancy. The browning shouldn’t take anymore than about 7 minutes, so in that time you can prepare your veggies!

Veggie prep consists of chopping up one red onion, and a whole pepper. The recipe suggests slicing the pepper, however we prefer to chop it. It really makes so difference to the dish, and is totally personal preference. The onion is best chopped into around 1cm cubes though.

It’s also a good idea at this stage to grate up some garlic too.

Before throwing these two guys into the beef, you have to become familiar with the absolutely gorgeous spice mix named ras-el-hanout. I had never, ever heard of it until creating this dish, and the little petals inside just blew me away with happy-squee. Beautiful!

Once the meat has browned, add the chopped red onion, red pepper, and the ras-el-hanout to it, and mix. Leave it to mingle for around 5 minutes.

After the 5 minutes is up, add your grated garlic from earlier, and cook for a further minute.

Time to add the tomatos!

Pour in the chopped tomatos, and add some water to the volume level of half of the tomato can.

Cous Cous!

Always a quick and easy one! Grab some cous cous, empty into a large bowl, and season with salt and pepper. In addition, mix in a table spoon of olive oil, and 300ml of boiling water. Cover the bowl with either cling film, or just a plate, like we did. This just sits happily minding its own business for around 10 minutes.

Back to the Beef!! Stir in a beef stock pot (you could use any brand for this. The supermarket ones are all the same), and allow the mix to come to the boil. Once it has, lower the head to a medium-low level, and leave to do its own thing for around 20 minutes.

Whilst that’s all going on, give the courgette some loving! Slice a courgette into fancy discs (slanty ones), around a centimetre in thickness, and roughly chop some coriander.

Get a frying pan on to a high heat, and dry cook the courgette discs for around 5 minutes on each side (or until they are a satisfactory toasted colour). Once they’re looking good, pull them out of the pan, and stack them on a plate (optional. Just get them off the heat and build them into anything you like really).

Check on the Cous Cous! It’s time to make this guy look nice and fluffy. When you uncover it, you’ll see it looks all compacted and flat, so take a fork and fluff away! Break down all of the cous cous so that it looks good enough to make your plate look pretty.

With everything coming to a close, take your courgette pan, pop it back on the heat (let’s say…medium to low), and get toasty again. This time with some flaked almonds.

These little fellows are INSANE! They’re like a case of “gone off milk”. One minute they’re fine, the next minute they’re a disaster.

Empty a packet of flaked almonds into a dry, kinda hot pan, and don’t you dare look away. They’re the “Weeping Angels” from Doctor Who. I swear it!

As soon as the flakes are a toasty colour, and not blackened, take them straight off the heat and prepare to create a visual masterpiece…

And Serve.

Middle Eastern Spiced Beef Ragout, with cous cous, coriander, and flaked almonds.

For a “Two Ways Option”, you can easily bring down the carbs by serving caulirice or any kind of courgetti type substitute. You could also leave off the nuts, and crumble over some nice Feta Cheese.  

And so concludes my first impressions of the Hello Fresh “meals in a box” service! If you’d like to check out the other two from the selection I ordered, you can find them here:

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Thanks so much for getting hungry with us!

Disclaimer: This is not a staged ad for Hello Fresh, and this trial was completely my own doing, fully purchased by myself, with no brand collaboration involved.


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