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Hello Fresh!

Hello indeed. To continue on our look into the ‘food box craze’, making meal times one big cheat fest where everything you need is provided for you, and all you need is culinary finesse, we’ve embarked on a journey to find out what “Hello Fresh” has to offer.

I say “cheat”, it’s not BAD cheating, it’s excellent cheating. As busy people buzz about in life, sometimes cooking takes a back seat, which is a huge shame because cooking can be one of the most fun and social exercises around! You get to be creative, mess around, and sit down with something to enjoy at the end. Boxes like ‘Eat Fresh’ and ‘Gousto’ are helping everyone out who feels like they’re in the struggle, by taking out the time consuming “But what should we cook?” and “I guess it’s time for the big shop…” stages, and taking you straight to the fun bit.

What’s Inside?

The Eat Fresh Box is split into three compartments. The Fresh, the Cupboard/Pantry, and Refrigerated.

First up, Fresh!

Second up, Pantry!

Third, Fridge!

I hope you can immediately see, like me, that the brands on offer in this box are much more mid to higher range labels, like for example Biona Organic lentils, and the dairy produce.

The quality of the meat from face value, inside the packaging alone looked excellent. Particularly excited about the sausage (fnar).

The little brown bag of spices is also adorable. The packaging is fun, and translates all “quirky like”.


Also included are the recipe cards. Each has a really attractive bit of food photography covering the front, of what your meal might look like, and on the back is a very simple step by step method of cooking.

Really fun and personable style. I’m a huge fan of the nutritional values being present per person too. Love that. Nothing appears too daunting to approach, with each of the recipe steps being minimal and to the point.

So yeah! Really excited to crack on with this week’s cooking!

Box for 2 people, with 3 recipes total.

Box for 2 people, with 3 recipes total.

A little about ‘Hello Fresh’.

We’re on a mission to take away all the reasons why you don’t get to eat tasty, nutritious meals from scratch at home.  Whether you’re a great cook short on time or a total beginner looking to learn, we’ll send you new recipes every week, with the exact ingredients you need to cook them.

And when we say exact we mean exact.

Whether it’s meat, veggies, dairy, nuts or a measured-out teaspoon of spices, the only thing you need is some olive oil, salt and pepper.

Hello Fresh Official Website

Right now, you can get £10 off your first ever box (It’s just a regular offer that automatically happens when you sign up), free delivery, and it’s nationwide.


  • No minimum subscription period.
  • No hassle to manage and pause your boxes.
  • Each meal is set to cost approximately £4.
  • There are three types of box to choose from:

You can also pick up a Trial Box for £42.00-£52.00 as a one off sampler without signing up.

PLUS, Jamie Oliver is getting Involved!

Our common goal is to provide people with top-quality produce and quick & easy recipes. We want to give people the guidance they need to create tasty, exciting home-cooked meals. We know that two heads are better than one, so we can’t wait to get Jamie’s quick, clever and delicious recipes into our boxes and onto your kitchen counters – Jamie for HF

Every week, one of Jamie’s recipes will appear in one of the boxes from team HF. Sadly we didn’t get one, but hey, if you ever have, let me know what it was like!

Another cool thing is this:

Customers who order a Classic 3 Meal Box will be able to select from:
Chef’s Choice (Our Head Chef Patrick will send you his favourite recipes of the week)
Fish free (Our best fish-free and seafood-free recipes of the week)
Low calorie (Nutritionally balanced and delicious recipes under or around 600 calories per serving)
Pork free (Our best pork-free recipes of the week)
Quick (Our speediest recipes; so you can dig in after just 30 minutes or less)
Voila! It’s that easy!

Really nice touch, actually. Having this kind of “dietary requirements” element to suite lifestyles is really attentive, and probably give a good edge over other boxes of this kind.

And that’s about it for first impressions!

Lovely packaging, very fresh looking fresh produce, excellent choice of brands to include, and really attractive documentation! Nice work, Hello Fresh!

Merlin's excited too!

Merlin’s excited too! “Smells good”.


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