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“Everything You Need to Cook Delicious Recipes, Delivered Weekly.”

I am absolutely all for having ‘food made easy’. The thing is, ‘easy food’ is sometimes at the sacrifice of healthy food, nutrients, REAL STUFF, know what I’m saying?

I stumbled upon ‘Gousto Box’! Once again, I’m going hyper over a subscription service, I know, I know. This one is by far the most amount of Box I’ve ever seen though!

Oh! And you can get £25 off your very first order with Gousto by using the code


Here’s the idea behind Gousto:

Hop along to the Front Page of Gousto by clicking on the infographic above!

Hop along to the Front Page of Gousto by clicking on the infographic above!

First thing I did was pick my recipes. I went for:

  • Balsajo Black Garlic Burger
  • Aubergine & Harissa Stew 
  • Fragrant Baked Chicken, Rice & Dal 
  • Lime Baked Fish With Pineapple Rice 

Now, the menu choices change weekly, so the ones I’ve listed here may not be around when you take a look, but I believe that some may rotate in and out, but I’m not entirely sure about that.

For each of these meals, I set my portion amount to two (taking my husband into consideration here. I can’t get too greedy), but you have the option to set it to four!

Some other little quirks to the delivery are:

  •     Organic vegetables*
  •     High welfare British meat
  •     Easy to follow recipe cards
  •     Woolcool packaging that keeps your food fresh even when you’re not at home

*they source organic vegetables where possible.


You choose the recipes that fit your tastes. Veg, fish and meat recipes are featured every week. It’s easy to change the number of servings or double up on only some dishes.

Can’t wait in for delivery?

No problem. Tell us where to leave your box safely, and our special packaging will keep everything fresh for 24h!


So the box is split into two sections. One for your fresh and cupboard ingredients, and the other for your frozen/meats. That’s the snazzy, white packaging you can see there, and THAT’S the “CoolWool”.

There it is! Basically, this bag seals shut, keeping your cooled produce fresh and still chilled for 24hours! The wool no doubt acts as an insulator to keep the cold in. It’s also recyclable too!

Below is a short montage of all of the chilled produce to come out of the ‘coolwool’, and all of which are required for cooking in the recipes I chose.

A bit more about the produce and ingredients provided:


From the farm

All of our vegetables and meat come directly from nature’s doorstep to ours. We source fresh produce from local farms in Lincolnshire; famed for its fertile soil and rural charm. There’s no need to scour the earth when you have everything you need right here! Plus it’s a lot more considerate to the long-suffering environment.

From Britain

The majority of our ingredients come from right here in Blighty. We’ve got such fantastic produce here; with vegetables, meat and fish of incomparable quality, it would be bonkers to look elsewhere! Of course we also have Italian, French, Japanese and other speciality suppliers, otherwise we’d be hard pressed to offer any authentic international flavours. 

From the seasons

We tailor all of our recipes to the seasons, so you always eat the freshest produce that’s growing on a farm somewhere right this moment. For instance, in autumn we have lots of pumpkin, fennel, beetroot and pear recipes. Spring brings us asparagus, rhubarb and sea trout. And summer grants a plethora of fresh fruit and green vegetables. And questionable swimwear of course. 

From nature
We look no further than nature for our food; it’s usually right about these things. We exclude any unsavoury extras like additives, preservatives and chemicals, opting instead for wholesome, natural goodness. We buy as many vegetables as possible from local organic Lincolnshire farms, so that they’re positively brimming with freshness when being packed in your box!

You can find more FAQs on their FAQ Page here. These above are just some of my favourites though.

What’s in the Box? Part 2:

I mean seriously, would you just look at that?! Everything just looks and smells so, so fresh! They’ve thought of absolutely everything, in that each ingredient has been specifically packaged in the correct quantities already for you! You can simply just enjoy the practical preparation, as opposed to siphoning off ingredient measurements from bulk buys, which you might not actually be wanting to buy in bulk, if you want to try new dishes.

I’ve had some cookery related boxes in the past which only provide the KEY flavour ingredients for recipes (like herb mixes and garnishes, with a recipe), whereby you need to obviously then buy the other ingredients yourself, like any meats or vegetables involves. Gousto, however, takes “sophisticated laziness” to the highest level and does that for you too, as you can see! 


You obviously need to know how to make your dishes, right? Fear not, it’s still easy peasy with these super straight forward “flash card style” recipe cards provided for you. 

Each preparation stage is sectioned into bite size steps, with really lovely imagery to accompany them, so you can make sure yours isn’t looking funny in any way…

One side of the card shows what you’re aiming for at the end, with the ingredients list that you need to grab from whichever location you’ve unpacked everything to, and the other side holds the instructions for 2, with an indicator that you just have double the ingredients for 4 (displayed in orange brackets).

Gousto Week!

To celebrate how blooming wonderful this box is on face value, I’m going to put it to the test with the help of Lloyd (husband face), by documenting each dish in a post for you to see just how well (or can we fail even something this straight forward?!) we get on.

Another handy thing is that on another piece of paper, Gousto have kindly put down which order you should aim to cook your meals in, based on the use by dates of the produce!

With that in mind…

First dish:

Lime Baked Fish With Pineapple Rice

For now, let’s have another delicious look at the full contents of this smart fooding thing, to take it all in…

Honestly, I think my favourite things in this whole box are the little pre-potted oils and sauces! See them stacked up at the back there? Just in front of the Thigh Meat Skin On chicken pack? 

Very excited. Tummy Rumble – On! Back soon!


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