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You know what I’m like for snacks.

This month I’m super happy to report that I’ve made an excellent new friend with the wonderful ‘Vegan Tuckbox‘, who have generously sent me one of their tasty single treat boxes to try out for you all.

A little bit about them:

  • Vegn Tuckbox were the UK’s first 100% vegan box scheme.
  • Single, subscription and gift boxes available.
  • Ultimate boxes contain 10-13 products Variety boxes 5-8 products every month.
  • Gluten free options available.
  • Different products every month – but their boxes are 100% vegan and always will be!
  • 10p from each box is donated to vegan causes each month.
  • It’s not just boxes- they also stock a fantastic range of treats sold individually in our online tuck shop.
  • Winner of Vivas Best New Vegan Food product award 2014.

Excellent stuff! So those of you who know me fairly well now, you’ll know that I’m not strictly vegan, however vegan alternatives do help me to cope with a variety of different food intolerances that I’ve developed over the years. I avoid processed sugars, gluten, and heavy sources of dairy wherever possible, to stop some really weird and icky side effects in both my head and my tummy.

So with this in mind, Vegan Tuck Box have sent me along their Gluten Free Single Selection Box to peep into, and see what’s good.

Let’s get cracking!

The Box comes huge and heavy, just how I like it (ha), and is advertised as a 10-13 item selection of gluten free, 100% vegan snacks, for those of us who would prefer to see what it’s all about before committing to a subscription. This box retails on their site at a one off cost of £18.50.

Take a closer look by clicking (or tapping) on the montage below, but as you can see, there’s a whole lot of good packed into this thing.

I’m going to have to admit to you though, that I did need some help reviewing this selection of superness, simply because although the treats are all absolutely good for you, vegan, and gluten free, a large proportion of them do have all of their carbs stored from sugar. 

For example, I need to go steady with the likes of the Lazy Day Foods, Free From Millionaire’s Shortbread, as my sugar sensitivity will fly off the scale with one of these dudes. They are, however, 100% approved for coeliacs, which is blooming awesome. Also, these are made on a completely nut and gluten free site, which means that my husband can revel in the fact that his peanut allergy isn’t going to kick him in the butt either!

Same goes for the Milkless Polar Dream White!

I have NEVER seen this bar before. EVER! One of the biggest regrets from having a very strict, low sugar and dairy diet, is missing out on white chocolate. I absolute gorge on 100% dark chocolate, make no mistake, but white?! I miss it.

This is “America’s Favourite Dairy-Free Bar”, and is all natural and soy based, containing no milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, or gluten. The top, top, top ingredient is Sugar, however, with 22g per serving (serving size, 40g. The bar is a total of 50g). BUT! If Sugar is no bother to you, then this sounds utterly INCREDIBLE! I am absolutely happy to have a nibble, but it will get fully ingested by someone else in the house. I’m going to further check out the brand though, for sure!

Little dreamy things like the Nakd Mint Humbugs though…YUM! Nakd are very well known for their raw, wheat free, dairy free, and gluten free tasties, with only the very minimal ingredients involved, for example these simply have 3 primary ingredients: Dates (54%), Cashews (24%), and Raisins (19%). The rest comes from rice flour and natural flavouring.

Love the selection of savories too! Two huge packs of chips/crisps, one ‘popcorn’ style, and the other are potato crisps by Burts, and Thai Sweet Chilli. Another firm favourite with the husband.

The Slim Chips are great, and boast a tonne of ‘good for you’ stuff going on in there. There’s no trans fat, no peanuts or tree nuts, made wholly from chia, quinoa, and flax, cholesterol and MSG free, Kosher, gluten free, with no artificial flavourings. There is sugar cane present in these, but doesn’t seem to reflect too heavily on the ‘carbs from sugar’, at 2g per 20 chip serving!

Oh, and i’m so, so, so hyped by the “Angelic”, gluten free Tomato and Mediterranean crackers.

These are free from all the usuals named in this post up to yet, but also exceptionally low in sugar, with only 1.2g from a total of 10.6g of carbs per serving (4 crackers), 

These are by far, my star pick from this box. They’re really thick, really satisfying, and the herby flavour just hits you square in the face the moment one hits your tongue. I can’t actually express how potent these little guys are when it comes to flavour.

Two little gems which I can’t quite review in this post, due to their preparation nature are the Bioinvito Shitake Pate, and ‘Follow Your Heart’ Egg Free “Veganegg”, 100% plant based egg replacer. Trust me, I’ll be all over these for a few stand alone breakfast taste tests soon!

Finally there are two really chunky snack bars by VEGO and NUGO (Dark). I have some very sneaky ideas for these two. They remind me a lot of ‘Quest Bars’, the Nugo one especially, as that has a whole 10g of Protein inside it. The Vego one is just simply claims to be a vegan, hazelnut chocolate bar. I can hardly bend it, it’s that dense (not a bad thing), however as I say…these might just fall into a very family friendly recipe over the next few days. Watch this space. Other than my ideas, these two are sure to massively fill any hunger or energy gap. They’re absolutely huge as far as snack bars go, and with the volume of nuts and grains, so if you’re eating them straight out the rapper, make sure you have a good set of teeth on you!

Oh! And before I wrap up, I am once again UTTERLY DELIGHTED that a snack box has, once again, provided a drink in the mix. LOVE! Any snack box that includes a drink in there is immediately on my top 10 list. Drinks are badass. You’ll have noticed from the picture montage that this one is even MORE badass in that it’s coconut…MILKSHAKE…STRAWBERRY!! *lies down*

So to recap!

This is the Gluten Free Selection Box, from the delightful “Vegan Tuckbox”. You can buy this as a one off box for £18.50, or subscribe to a monthly order for £16.50 a month for one of this kind.

There are, however, a multitude of themes to choose from, so check them all out (all have their own tailored costs) over on the subscription page here. You can also find the single selection boxes here, and the awesome Tuck Shop here, where you’ll find individual goodies, special boxes, the lot!

Fantastic setup, thanks so much Vegan Tuckbox, I’ll be personally back for the sake of my store cupboard soon.


If you enjoyed having a look into this yummy little (not so little) thing, you can take advantage of this handy little discount I’ve got going on here.

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Vegan Tuckbox!

This is in no way affiliated, it’s just one blooming nice offer for you, from VTB and me!

Have a tasty day!

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