Free’ist Wafer Addiction

It’s utterly ridiculous.

So recently I had in my possession TWO full packs of Free’ist Milk Chocolate Wafers. Multi-packs, no less.

One pack was a selection of mini finger versions, you know, like how Cadbury Fingers come packaged, and the other was a pack of 3 larger wafer bars, like how the Tunnock’s Caramels come.

I wanted to write this post with good intention of providing my usual attention to detail with photography, however something unimaginable happened, and I somehow engulfed almost all of the wafters before I even had a chance to get my Sony out…

I’m slightly ashamed, but at the same time, not wholly, because I had excellent reason for this “mishap”, and that is because…well the wafers are blooming delicious, what more can I even say?

I’ve been a huge dweller in the “Free From” ranges of supermarkets for ages, due to my silly tummy and sensitive-to-some-food-bits nature, and when Free’ist popped up a few years ago I’ve grabbed many a product in their range where possible. You’ll have noticed that their marmalade is a favourite for me on my toast on the regular.

Free’ist primarily specialise in sugar free and no added sugar products, but happily also stem to Gluten Free too in some cases! Happy times for me!

Diabetes also runs deep in my family, with my Grandma and my uncle both being subject to it. I myself do not, and am at no obvious risk factor as I am currently, however sugar has never been my friend, and has SOMETIMES been the cause of mild panic attacks for me as a child, rather than giving me the usual “buzz” in the playground.

My blood sugar levels are simply either exaggerated if I go near any of the processed sweet stuff, or round my ankles, there’s never been a happy medium, and both levels made me feel absolutely horrific, from sickness, to dizziness, to even weakness in some instances of large consumption as a teen. It was never an enjoyable experience, and my Doctor just passed me off as being perfectly fine, just rater “sensitive”. And he’s not wrong really, as if you even pass large amounts of any type of stuff like Sugar, Gluten, Dairy through me, something abysmal happens, from bloating, to constipation (sorry), to violent acne…it’s madness!

Happily though, sticking to the “stuff I know” has helped me manage my little imbalances a lot, and I can now absolutely tell what my body likes, and what it doesn’t.

Right now, it just can’t get enough of these wafers.

So the main ingredients are as follows for both types of wafer, big and small:

  1. 35% Milk Chocolate (42% Maltitol Sweetener, Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavour)
  2. Vegetable Fat for the Cream with 20% maltitol sweetener therein, whey powder, and cocoa powder.
  3. Wheat Flour (uh oh!)
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Free Range Egg Yolk
  6. Salt

For Nutrition:

Small Wafer Fingers (Each full pack is 100g with around 10 wafers per pack):

Typical Values Per 100g

Energy  490kcals

Fat 35g

of which Saturates 21g

Carbohydrates 54g

of which Sugars 6g

of which polyols 35g

Fibre 1g

Protein 5.5g

Sodium 0.2g

Large Wafer Fingers (Each full pack is 90g with 3 wafers at 30g each):

Typical Values    Typical Values Per 100g

Energy 500kcals

Fat 36g

of which Saturates  21g


of which Sugars 6g

of which polyols 35g

Fibre 0.9g

Protein 5g

Sodium 0.24g

Now PLEASE NOTE! There IS an amount of Gluten and Dairy in these wafers!! I’m quite terrible in that even if something is ALMOST good for me with my intolerances, I STILL HAVE TO EAT IT IF IT IS DELICIOUS (Within reason, of course). Too many of these in one go, if you do have a sensitive tummy, WILL give you a touch of the wibbles.

You have to remember that large amounts of sweetener can also upset your tummy, so just be sensible, however I can say that I did get a little of the belly bloat and ache after eating two large wafers in a row, because I’m a piggy. That is DEFINITELY down to my gluten wibbles though, I’m quite darn sure. It caused me no major hassle though AT all, and was well worth it 😉 Ha (Obviously avoid altogether if Coeliac or medically affected by Gluten. Mine is simply a troublesome and very minor “bother” with a bloat and a slight knot which is easily controlled.)

Here’s a bit more about sweeteners (And in this instance, Maltitol, which is the sweetener used in Free’ist products):

Maltitol is a sugar alcohol (also called a polyol) with very similar properties to sugar but less calories. Like other sugar alcohols (xylitol, mannitol etc) it has a slightly laxative effect and it is not recommended to consume more than 50 gm per day. It occurs in nature, chicory leaves contain a small amount, and as such it is sometime described as a natural sweetener. Nevertheless, everything commercially available, is artificially produced from cereal crops.

It has a higher glycemic index than most other sugar alcohols and so is not as useful for diabetics though still safe if consumed in moderation.

As with most sugar alcohols it has a slightly laxative effect but only if consumed in relatively large quantities. (100 gm or more per day) Consumption of less than 10 gm appears to have no laxative effect at all, and it is generally considered safe.


So, for those of you who are looking for a “cheat day treat” without the added hassle of high volumes of sugar, I highly recommend these treats, and have to suggest that you take time out to try dunking them in your hot tea too. That’s a favourite way to enjoy them for me, for sure.

The wafer itself is exceptionally light and easy to bite through, with the taste not at all coming off reduced of “chemically” from the fact that the sugar isn’t entirely sugar. It’s extremely indulgent in flavour, and the “butter cream” centre is really tasty, unlike how it can sometimes get lots in regular wafers.

I’m very excited to try out more of the Free’ist Range I’ve come in contact with recently. There’s even a whole load of popcorn on offer too, AS WELL AS COOKIES! Wha?! Hungry.

A little bit about the brand:


Free’ist was introduced into the marketplace after a growing demand for tasty treats within the Free From range. We at Free’ist offer a range of scrumptious Sugar Free and No Added Sugar foods – some of which are also Gluten Free. We take great pride in the food that we have created.

Yummy, Yummy, Yum Yums.


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