Primal Snack Box May 2016

Needs no introduction. It’s THAT time again. The time of the month where my tummy begins to grumble as this little box of awesome snacking starts to approach the doorstep. 

Welcome to the May 2016 installment of…The Primal Snack Box.

If you’re new here, take a look back through my Food posts to find more of these, but just in case anyone would like a quick recap from last month, here’s the April installment.

So for May, I think the bar has been set well and truly into outer space where the June box coming next is concerned. 

My goodness, I have never been faced with more personal infatuations where snacks are concerned in all of my life! How I haven’t yet devoured the entire contents is absolutely beyond me. Each and every bit is mouth watering. Let me show you.

Full to the brim, just look. Look at what is in here this time! First off the welcome menu and recipe card are staring goodness at me. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to recreate one of those really adorable looking smoothie bowls you see all over Instagram these days. Always. Now I can! And it’s paleo/primal friendly too, with it’s low sugar berries and yummy nuts!

Deeper in I notice that my all time favourites have popped a treat in there, Planet Organic, as well as my best crunchy snack bag of Kale chips. Not only that, Primal Foods are back again, as well as Raw Halo chocolate! I’m in heaven! This isn’t a ‘May’ box, it’s a ‘Sally May Best Time All Happy Amazing Box!’.

I had never, ever seen ‘Rawkin’ Roons’ before. Ever.

Packed with raw goodness, our melt-in-the mouth macaroons will get your taste buds rawkin’. And we use low GI, unrefined coconut sugar to stop your blood sugar levels from swingin’.” – Says PO.

And they do! They do melt like heavenly, almost oaty tasting angels in your mouth! They’re so comforting and divine, as well as too good to be true, I swear! However, look at the ingredients:

“Desiccated Coconut (44%), Coconut Sugar, Water*, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Almonds, Cacao Nibs (6.16%), Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Beans, Himalayan Pink Salt* *Permitted non-organic ingredients”

I’m fine to just live off these, right? Seriously, grab a pack, and try one dunked in your tea too. You won’t regret it. They’re the new best thing ever.

I’ve been here before with 100% Natural Brownie Bars, but It’s well worth another mention, because this one has not only cacao in it, but my most treasured coconut and chia too!! They’re insanely rich, and in no way resemble anything other than a regular, high sugar, chocolate infused cake, only much tastier…but wait, what is it really?

Consciously sourced organic ingredients. 100% gluten free 100% vegan 100% natural – 100% Natural Foods

How, how, how?? 

These delicious raw chocolate brownies are produced from the highest quality ingredients and made using 100% renewable energy. Refined sugar free.

Too. Good.

Lot’s of love above to some old favourites returning, but in fancy new flavours. Always adoring over Raw Halo chocolate, this time with ginger, which I’m excited to try, and also VERY excited over the Maca Caramel Superseeds tube! The last one I had of those was a fiery Cinnamon one, and maybe a little too overpowering in the spice zone for me. I’m not good with “hot” cinnamon. Much more of a sweet cinnamon kinda girl.

Also, have you noticed two bags of jerky in the mix there? One fruit, and one savory coconut.

Let me tell you, the fruit jerky I’ve had before, but forgot about. I’m massively grateful for the reminder that it exists though, because it’s incredible…but also…COCONUT JERKY?!

It took me a whole 5 minutes to chomp through the entire pack. It’s gorgeous. Seriously. 

I can’t eat regular jerky at the moment, due to having braces, but oh my gosh this coconut jerky well and truly replaces any meat jerky I’ve ever, ever had in my life, and will continue to do so forever!! It’s spicy, tangy, and chewy, yet melts, you have to pick some up if you’re a regular jerky fan.

Thankfully before I got too involved with the coconut jerky though, I had just enough time to photograph it as part of my top picks for this month’s Primal Snack Box of amazing.

All three didn’t last a day. Shame on me. I don’t care though. Absolute winners for this month have to be:

  1. Planet Organic Rawkin’ Roons.
  2. Mighty Bee Spicy BBQ Coconut Jerky.
  3. 100% Natural Foods Chocolate, Coconut, and Chia Brownie.

Adore. However, I have to say, every one of the items in this month’s box is a clear winner over anything currently in my kitchen, even! What a collection the Primal Snack Box team came up with for May! Blooming wonderful work.

Don’t forget, if you sign up now at Primal Snack Box you can get 10% off your first order. 


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