Chia and Nut Bread with UGGFoods

Welcome to another UGG Foods make and bake! This time for some delicious, squidgy, Paleo Bread with Chia and Nuts.

As I mention in my video, I love UGG for their simplistic mixes which give us with little time to fix up such treats, a foolproof recipe for tasty success.

All it takes is 6 eggs, 4.5tbs of olive oil, and 3tbs of red or white wine vinegar (can be substituted for any vinegar), as well as a loaf tin and your usual bowl and whisk combo.

This makes the “Olive oil bread variation”, as oppose to the standard recipe where you knock out oil and use the same amount of water instead. I just thought the oil variation sounded really squidgy and nice like that, so opted for it.

The only ingredients in this mix are Almond Meal (65%), Chia Seeds (11%), Ground Flax Seeds (11%), Coconut Flour, Raising Agent, Sodium Carbonate, Stabiliser, Xanthan Gum, Pink Himalayan Salt.

So each slice is very low in carbs compared to regular bread (under 7.6g per 100g), and a whopping 17.4g of Protein per 100g too! Ideal, again, for Paleo and Primal lifestyles.

But yeah! Grab all of your ingredients, bar the dry mix, whisk them all together, add the dry mix when you’re done, mix it up all good and thick, dollop into a loaf tin, and 50 mins in the oven!

More on the whole process in my video, of course.

I can’t wait to try this with my favourite toast toppings.  What would yours be?


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