Learning all about “Proper Pizza”, made at home.

Yay, a Video Edit! It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve put a vlog together, but this one has been the reason why I’ve been so delayed with them recently (well, that, and being all fluey and gross).

So about a month ago, I decided that I wanted to know about Pizza. That’s normal, right? 

As you know, I’m quite obsessed with delicious things, and it just so happened that my good friend Tom has a huge passion for making “Proper Pizza”, like the kind you get in places where people don’t mass produce and freeze them for popping in a box.

REAL Pizza. The sort that teleports you to rural Italy, where there’s a little old Italian guy with a traditional, rustic Pizza oven, cooking up a storm with natural goodness and handmade skills for his family. Those kind of food feels.

This was my first ever video edit whereby I was completely focused on what someone else was doing, and I really, really loved it. Sure, I enjoy filming my unboxing videos and recipes of my own, but this gave me the opportunity to showcase someone else, and put all of my efforts into really polishing the video up all professional like. Well, as far as professional can go for me with my auto focus baby camera, and “wing it” Premiere Pro skills (I do love it).

Tom has always had a big thing for making proper pizzas from the foundations up, and you can tell from my video that he’s spent lots of years worth of time researching the best homemade methods that recreate true to Italy style tastes and textures.

I find it really brilliant to watch and listen to people who take such a huge interest in anything really, and if it involves tasty food then I’m definitely ‘In’.

Really happy with how the photos have come out, by the way…Well, I grab screenshots but same thing. I still look back at them now and get super hungry. The base was perfectly cooked, crispy but with fluffy bite, with the perfect crust to hold onto.

I have to add that this was a recipe made with true flour, and not Gluten Free, however I was perfectly fine with trying a slice, and didn’t have any horrid tummy ache, thank goodness. To be fair, even if I had, It would have been totally worth it.

What would your choice of toppings be on your homemade pizza?

Thanks Tom!

Perfectly Paleo


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