Snack Grab #1 – Coconut Friday

So let’s go! It’s Friday morning, it’s time for work, and my tummy needs some tasty times somewhere between lunch and dinner! It’s Snack Grab time!

There seems to be a theme in mind today, as I was drawn massively toward two coco-loco dreamy things for my handbag.

Smokin’ Coconut Pecks by Inspiral

• 100% natural • organic • gluten free • vegan • raw • paleo • GMO free • no added cane sugar • contains coconut (produced in a factory that handles mustard and tree nuts and may contain traces) 

This savoury number in our new range conjours up lazy Sunday afternoons, BBQ vibes and sizzling bacon – only of course that it is entirely vegan, raw and naturalSmoked paprika with a twist of lime together with the cheesiness of nutritional yeast and just the right amount of our optimum nutrition choice of sugar gives this product an inimitable flavour profile. Deeply satisfying, one pack of Smokin’ Coconut Pecks will keep you going for a long time.

Ingredients (* organic 97.7%):

  • raw coconut chips* (77%)
  • palmyra blossom nectar*
  • de-activated nutritional yeast*
  • lime juice* (4%)
  • smoked paprika (4%)*
  • Himalayan crystal salt.

The mix is low-heat blended and dehydrated at 45°C or below.
(82.3% raw ingredients).

Coconut and Macadamia Raw Paleo Bar by The Primal Pantry:

Ingredients: Dates, Coconut, Cashews, Macadamia, Almond Oil, nothing else!


  • Our grain-free bars are made with 100% Real Food. Food you were born to eat.
  • We don’t use dried fruit that contains vegetable oils, sugar or sulphites as commonly found in other snack products.
  • All our bars are made with 4-5 Real Food ingredients. They are hand made and cold pressed (not heated) here in the UK.
  • All the bars are gluten, grain, refined sugar, soya, dairy, GMO and vegetable oil free.
  • We only ever use ingredients that you are likely to have in your cupboard at home!
  • We have managed to source organic cherries that are free from vegetable oil and sugar -as commonly found in other dried cherries.
  • We also use an organic coconut which doesn’t contain sulphites (preservative) which is commonly used in dried coconut products.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans (and Cavemen)

Incredible, right?

Now, I’m no stranger to grabbing pretty much every flavour bar on offer by The Primal Pantry. I won’t lie to you, I love them, and as a Paleo Snack Bar of Choice, they’re on the leaderboard pretty darn high…Which reminds me, look out for my ‘Say Sensational Snack Bar Awards’ coming up very soon!!

Into the bag they go, and off to work I shuffle. It’s been such a drab day today, but how can anyone have a frown when it’s a Friday, right?


The “Smokin’ Coconut Pecks” are a divine alternative to potato crisps, if you’re a crisps kinda guy or girl. These coconut chips are again, perfect for those following  organic, raw, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo lifestyles, and love to have delicious bites throughout the day. These are packed with immense amounts of flavour, and unlike some coconut chips on the market today, these are super, super crispy. They don’t require that weird back of silica gel at the bottom to keep them from absorbing any condensation or unwelcome moisture, which eventually makes many brand’s chips go a little chewy if they’re not something you scoff down super quick.

A definite go-to savory snack for me, and I certainly would not hesitate to buy these up again.

The Primal Pantry Coconut and Macadamia Bar is a firm favourite, I’ve noticed, of Primal and Paleo snackers (As well as just simply those wanting more raw and organic goodies in their tums) all over Twitter and Instagram lately. I mean, this isn’t something new, but it certainly is more apparent now that I’m so heavily involved in everyone’s lunchbox at the moment. All bars in the range are packed with very simple, but very well constructed ingredients which prove extremely moreish and decadent between the teeth, and simply ooze goodness.

They’re perfect if you’re sat at a desk all day and need to stay full for fear of eating the whole company bare, BUT ALSO they’re amazing for commuting on too, and provide incredible amounts of energy if you’re a “Train Hopper”, or just like to exercise your way to work.

You can pick up both of these favourites and many, many more from the fantastical team at Perfectly Paleo, by following the link on over here, and searching for The Primal Pantry, and Inspiral: Perfectly Paleo

There are limited flavours on offer of the Coconut Pecks at times though, so it’s always good to check in on the Inspiral Official Site for more, from time to time.

And as a note, you should truly check out The Primal Pantry Shop and Homepage too.

The Primal Pantry Bars range in price from £1.59 each, to £15.00 for a case of 10, or £27.00 for 18 (well, well, well worth it!), and the little packs of pecks range from £0.99 per bag, of £8.00 for a case of 10.

Perfectly Paleo


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