G.org.e-ous Easter

Tasty Easter treats just seem to keep on coming, don’t they? Personally, I’ve just not been able to get enough this year, regardless of the mountains of snacks and chocolates I’ve been posting about and waving in front of the camera.
This little guy, however, deserves a post all of his own.

Introducing the small, yet oh so mighty truffle egg, by G.org.e. This one I have here is the Dark Chocolate Truffle one, but they come in a variety of other types, like Brazil Nut and Strawberry and White Chocolate.


The reason I have it is because it was hiding beautifully in my Deluxe Easter Hamper that I ordered from Perfectly Paleo. If you’ve seen my unboxing video of that recently then you will remember me getting a little excited over this.

These retailed on their site for £3.99 each though, outside of the Hamper deal.

It was packaged in a little plastic bag, tied at the top, sitting on a bed of paper straw with a brand leaflet inside that you can see later in this post.

On first taking it out of the bag, I actually exclaimed to my husband. It’s so heavy! “Heavy good”, obviously, as when can heavy be bad when it comes to chocolate, huh?


Taking off the wrapping, the little truffle egg is already split into two halves (thankfully, as I wouldn’t have fancied biting into it whole with my braces on!), and showing off it’s nobbly centre of yumminess.

To be exact, this one goes a little like this for ingredients:

  • Almonds, Dates, Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Cacao Solids, Raisins, Raw Cacao Liquor, Powder, and Nibs, Vanilla Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil…and that’s it.

These ingredients together boast a combination of vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant enriched deliciousness that you really wouldn’t expect from something as decedent as this. I mean no wonder it has weight to it, it’s simply packed with super goodness. No processed sugars at all, just raw, natural, and organic super powers.

I won’t lie, it went absolutely perfectly with a good old cup of tea…


The harder exterior is a creamy, dark chocolate taste with that addictive cacao bitterness you get from this kind of thing. Past that, you come to the treasure though, and that is the truffle centre.

G.org.e pride themselves on their truffle products across the range, and host not only these holiday treats, but full boxes of truffles and chocolate stacks to boot. How they manage to get such a whipped consistency from such raw materials I have no idea, but it’s pretty amazing.

The whole thing, once you’ve bitten through the shell, just melts in your mouth. There’s still a little bite to it, like a squidgy kind of feel. Sadly it’s all gone now, but I’m actually making myself pretty starving for another.



Sadly the other flavours in the range appear to be all sold out now on Perfectly Paleo, and I can’t seem to find them on their personal online store either. I can only imagine how heavenly the Strawberry and White Chocolate one was, but I’m absolutely willing to wait a whole year to find out.

The happy truth is that there are tonnes more choccie treats to try from G.org.e in the meantime, over at gorgetruffles.co.uk…I have my eye on the individual Raspberry Chocolate Truffles………..Oh dear. Sweet tooth to the  maximum.

Have a great day.

Perfectly Paleo


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