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Yummy. As I mention in my video, finally I’m able to be a little piggy and enjoy such delicious cakes and treats, without suffering oodles of belly aches from silly sensitivities.

I found “Perfectly Paleo” after a lovely friend mentioned that his new lifestyle of Paleo Eating meant that he had to cut grains and processed sugars from his diet. Both cause havoc with my brain and digestive system, so knowing that actually there is somewhere I can buy mega tasty treats, which don’t send me crumpled up or spinning out of the walls, was the best news ever!

So “Perfectly Paleo” is basically a big shop online for all of this unprocessed deliciousness, with one of  my favourite brands being “Primal Joy”.

I’m quite sure my first encounter with a Primal Joy Chocolate Brownie was when PP sent me a freebie with another order…Pretty sure that’s how it went. Basically I haven’t looked back.

Short listed for the Free From Food Awards 2014 in the Innovation Category, our better-for-you brownie tastes great without the use of grains, refined sugars or refined oils – an ideal gift for the health conscious foodie.

Short listed?! Top of my list, for sure!

As they say, these goodies all contain ‘raw’ form ingredients, like so:

Ingredients: Organic almond flour, organic dates, organic cacao, organic hazelnuts, raw virgin organic coconut oil, raw local honey, organic pasture raised eggs, organic coconut flour, organic vanilla, organic gluten free bicarbonate of soda

As you can see, they’re not 100% Vegan when you consider the eggs and honey, however they do have many other treats which are very much free from those too, and are equally as tasty, if that’s something you’re looking for.

So yes! My tummy has never been happy, and nor have my taste buds.

Perfectly Paleo is well worth the visit for all things Paleo, Veggie, Vegan, or Gluten Free, and Primal Foods is…well…just downright deliciousness.



Perfectly Paleo


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