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'Review by Lloyd Morgan-Moore'

For many months now I’ve been looking for a “beauty box” aimed at men that isn’t seriously expensive or targeted at a particular area of grooming (E.g. shaving) and have been struggling to find any really good ones that I felt I could get excited about. Then came the new box from Latest In Beauty which changed everything. Created as a tie in for the new Beauty and the Beast film they have put together 2 boxes; a “Beauty” for the girls and a “Beast” for the guys. You can see Sally’s review of the “Beauty” box here, but the “Beast” box is more up my street so I thought I’d give you my verdict on it all.

First impressions were very good. Upon opening the outer box you’re presented with a well wrapped package of dark blue paper and a Latest in Beauty sticker to hold it all together. Pulling this backed revealed the inner box in the style of a thick book however there was also a Gillette razor in a box placed in separately! This box is so heaving with products they couldn’t fit them all in!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide FlexBall

Gillette’s FlexBall razor has 5 blades and a fully flexible head that allows it to conform to the shape of your face or neck. As a user of a traditional safety razor this is something that was quite novel to me and I think that if I were to start using a cartridge razor it would be this one; the head is so flexible I imagine it really helps when shaving awkward areas like the neck and chin. Helping to keep costs down all Gillette Fusion blades fit all Fusion handles which is handy if you’re watching the pennies.

Lalique L’Hommage a l’Homme Voyageur (2 x 2ml)

Next up the main box greeted me with a small guide to the products provided along with a few paragraphs about the upcoming film and some money off vouchers. Behind this were 2 samples of Lalique L’Hommage a l’Homme Voyageur, an interesting scent that immediately settled on my skin to leave a very masculine, modern scent behind. While it didn’t last all day long the fragrance is strong and sophisticated with woody and amber tones. This is definitely something I’ll be using daily until it runs out.


Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Roll On – 15ml (Full size)

As someone who suffers from dark, tired and puffy eyes this was a nice surprise to see in the box as it promises to target dark circles and puffiness, soothe inflammation, plump fine lines and wrinkles and hydrate the eye area. The rollerball is super smooth and the product flows nicely with no build up; something which other rollerball products I’ve tried have suffered with. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one works on my skin.

The Great British Grooming Co. Beard Oil – 75ml (Full size)

My face fuzz is in constant need of attention whether in the form of shampoo, conditioner or beard oil. I’ve used plenty of different oils in my time and have even tried my hand at making my own mixtures with varying results. This oil comes in a pump dispenser meaning that you get the same amount of product each time regardless of beard length. The scent is quite subtle but is very pleasant and while the oil did tend to build up on my hands it has made my beard feel super soft and silky. This is one of the better beard oils I’ve tried!

The Refinery Shave Foam Gel – 125ml (Full size)

I usually shave with a shaving soap or a shaving cream using a brush to build up a lather in a bowl, so using a shave cream is a welcome break for me sometimes. This foam gel from The Refinery contains clove and peppermint oils meaning it smells sublime, but it also contains Aloe Vera to moisturise and soothe. If you suffer from razor burn this product may just help soothe your troubled skin.


Penhaligon’s No.33 Face and Beard Scrub – 100ml (Full size)

Penhaligon’s has been one of my favourite companies for a while now after discovering them in London while on a day trip there. They have over 100 years in the scent industry and visiting any of their stores will prove this as the staff treat you like royalty, which is apt as they have plenty of experience with the royal family. Currently Penhaligon’s hold 2 long standing Royal Warrants from HRH The Prince of Wales and HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. The pure luxury on display in their stores is reflected in their products and this is no exception. It’s a “scrub” type product containing apricot kernel to exfoliate and slough away dead skin and the scent is matched to the rest of the No.33 range. Pair with the No.33 Eau de Cologne and people will stop and comment on how good you smell!

Overall this box contains slightly less products in terms of literal quantity of items than the “Beauty” box however the quality has been kept sky high and the sheer quantities provided of each item are way above those found in most other beauty boxes. I have yet to see another grooming box offering so many full-size items. The box retails at £20 and in my opinion it’s worth every penny. If they can keep the quality this high at this price point they’ll be on to a sure-fire winner.

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Many thank to Latest In Beauty for providing this box for review!

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