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I bumped into LiB at the Blogosphere Christmas Party last year, and felt pretty hyped at their take on the whole Beauty Subscription Box service. 

Now I’m really sorry about this, but I’ve been a subscriber to the likes of Glossy Box and Birch Box over the years, and I honestly felt like either I was gradually turning into a giant, or the products they had on offer were just simply shrinking to the minimum milliliter beyond belief. I’d be lucky to get half an application out of most of the products they’re throw in (I dunno, maybe my face is huge or something), and half the time I couldn’t use them anyway as they’d usually send out products based on what they deem to be the most widely used generally, which might one month be a black eyebrow pencil, when they have blondes subscribed. They couldn’t change that, of’s all they had in stock (thanks fort he heads up on that, Emma).

So I get that the whole “surprise” element of having your monthly beauty box is a great thing when you don’t know what goodies you’re getting is part of the treat aspect of the whole deal, but when you’re just getting what everyone else is getting, despite you being different, just doesn’t sit right, and THAT’S where my new found adoration for Latest in Beauty comes in.

Tailor Made

So when you first sign up for a Latest in Beauty account, you go through some really personal, in depth questions about your skin, hair, the type of both, and what you intent to gain from products used for both, as well as your favourite scents and even whether you prefer to shower or bathe. Each of your answers actually counts toward the products which can go into your box, triggering them to appear in your final list of choices at the end of the profile set up process.

Once you have your tailor made selection of products to choose from, you can go ahead and scoot through them to pick the desired number of items sent to you in your subscribed box, OR simply a one off box whenever you like. The products get updated on site regularly though, so it’s good to check back in.

Sub Types and Options.

Everything is laid out for you quite openly, which I love. The products all notify you of their size so you aren’t deceived by them looking full sized when they actually aren’t.

You have the option of choosing a subscription service out of three types:

  1. The Beauty Novice: £9.00 per month for 3 product favourites, with free delivery on all boxes, and a free make up bag with first box (worth £8.00).
  2. The Beauty Enthusiast: £15.00 per month for 6 product favourites, free delivery on all boxes, and a free make up bag with first box.
  3. The Beauty Guru: £18.00 per month for 9 product favourites, free delivery for every box, and a free make up bag with first box.

OR you can simply pay a one off fee of any of those options above for a single box, OR you can shop the recommended collections which more than often have some kind of deal attached to them.

Here’s a general look at the products currently up for grabs on a whole, but remember, when you make your profile you’ll see your recommended.

What’s In My Box?

Yes, I'm in my pyjamas...

Yes, I’m in my pyjamas…

The Beauty Guru Box (one-off)

  • Bare Minerals: BareSkin® Pure Brightening Serum Foundation SPF20 in Bare Natural
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smolder
  • Balance Me: Congested Skin Serum
  • L’Oreal Bouncy and Tender Styling Cream
  • L’Oreal Infinum Extra Strong Hairspray
  • Living Proof: Instant Texture Mist
  • Cheeky: Nail Paint in Tongue ‘n’ Cheek
  • This Works: In Transit Camera Close-Up
  • Rituals: Mini Under a Fig Tree Fragrance Sticks
  • Large Beauty Bag

As I hope you can see, this is not just your average sample box, and I’m not simply just saying that because it’d my first time with this thing and I’m over excited – these products are HUGE. The hair stuff is most definitely full size (I was not at all expecting a full size hair spray, let alone the curl cream), and the nail polish and lip crayon were not sample size either! Even though the Rituals reed room fragrance states that it’s mini, it’s a really generous size, and even though the Bare Minerals foundation is a sample, there’s a good few days worth of trial in there (a strong week if you don’t have much to hide),

For £18.00 a month this sub box is utterly fantastic value for money I’d say, especially when you have the flexibility to drop down to cheaper options, and with sample sizes clearly rivaling those of other brands which come in a little cheaper (between £10 and £15).

Thanks, Latest in Beauty for breathing good feels back into my past disappointments over other affordable beauty sub boxes.

Latest in Beauty

This box was kindly sent to me by the team at Latest in Beauty for review, and all thoughts are entirely my own.


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    1 January, 2017 / 6:09 pm

    This looks amazing, I totally agree with you about other beauty boxes, I’ve become majorly disillusioned with the majority of boxes now.

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