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Rescuing My Frost Bitten Skin

It’s winter time. Christmas parties are coming. You’re seeing lots of friends and family at this time and your skin can’t look naff.

It’s cold, the frost is truly out to tackle your little noses, and my skin complains in every way it possibly can. The cold months bring about a right royal handful of issues for my face, which can be singly or a combination of:

  • Enhanced Redness.
  • Cystic Acne in much larger clusters.
  • Maximised dryness (to the point it’s sore to touch at times).
  • Uneven texture (making my foundation apply like rubbish).

Regular moisturisers really don’t cut it anymore for me as being the only source of deflecting dryness and skin problems during the colder times, and a mask treatment is cracked open to combat the peril. Time to get my shopping back on at LookFantastic then!

EVE LOM To The Rescue!


“The multi award-winning, weekly complexion booster and emergency treatment for sluggish, stressed-out skin.”

“Featuring Camphor, Almond and Honey-infused Kaolin Clay, it is the perfect weekly deep clean to keep your complexion in radiant condition. EVE LOM Rescue Mask is also on hand when skin becomes stressed and in need of extra help. Whether it’s blotchy, irritable break-outs, jet-lag, or morning-after puffiness, this hard-working and versatile mask will get your skin back on track.”

“Benefits of EVE LOM Rescue Mask:
– Deep cleanses without drying, gently decongests pores and absorbs excess oil.
– Smoothes and conditions skin surface, leaving it supple and soft.
– Helps calms redness and irritation.”

My Thoughts.


  • Ohhhh the coolness. My face can get so irritated to the point it feels like I’m constantly sat infront of an open fire or something. This mask is instantly cooling and calming, just like natural clay and mud, it’s perfect for relaxing an unintentionally angry face.
  • The formula is super thick, so you need very little for a full face application, and even less for just picking out your problem areas. I sometimes apply it just to my cheeks and nose when they’re flaring up, and it’s so quick and easy to apply that it’s on in a jiffy!
  • The smell is very true to a “spa treatment”. Very ‘herb-y’ and ‘clay-y’. It’s exceptionally relaxing because of this, and you feel as though it’s all the true smells of the ingredients too, without any scents added.
  • The mask sets to a hard clay finish which really hugs your skin super tight. I LOVE clay masks which do this!! It really feels like everything is sinking in deep and doing it’s job.
  • The results are super. Instantly softened skin and heavily reduced redness on first use. Even small pimples are flattened down a huge amount (larger ones may take a few applications).

Migraine Sufferer?

This might be an unusual one to report in on, but I suffer from really horrific migraines from time to time. Thankfully I can catch them early, but the ones which stealthily start in the night, or the one’s I’m too lazy to combat sooner than later can leave me trying to rip my head off. At the weekend, such a nasty one occurred, and would you believe, the rescue mask actually rescues me during a migraine too! When they happen, my temperature rises in my face and head so much that I can warm a small family against it, so slathering this mask on and just sitting quietly to let the cooling feels cuddle my whole face and forehead, whilst concentrating on the formula’s scent to calm me down is a blessing. Seriously, it really does help at such a really awful time of need.


  • The formula of the mask can get a little messy in the pot. Because of it’s natural properties, the clay can separate over time, and leave you with water on the top, and the heavy stuff at the bottom of the pot. You need to give it a really good stir which the pot itself doesn’t seem to be able to handle too well in terms of it’s size and build, so you have to be so very careful not to end up spilling the vital moisture all over the place. Just be steady about it.
  • Washing off the mask can feel a bit weird, but that’s just me being silly I think. The formula sets very hard, so when you apply water to rinse, it just feels…”weird”…no biggy!

Here’s Wishing you a Cosy Face this Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

This post comes to you with affiliated links. All views and opinions of the EVE LOM Rescue Mask are those of my own.


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