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China’s most outlandish fashion designer puts an acid-soaked twist on her modern M·A·C collection, featuring a vivid kaleidoscope of cutting-edge colour, inspired by the ancient Chinese art form Kunqu. Surreal hues of Lipstick, Cream Colour Base and Eye Shadow, and uniquely designed packaging, are saturated with her signature dramatic flair. – MAC Official

It’s been a little while since I’ve boarded the hype train on the latest MAC collections. Trust me, the “Soft Serve” ALMOST had me, but I’ve been sensible. I’ve had some restraint, and have thoroughly enjoyed admiring from afar. 

Then Chris Chang came along…

Above image taken from incredible fashion show coverage over on

Above image taken from incredible fashion show coverage over on

Described as “Shanghai’s Queen of Colour”, Chris holds no boundaries to her designs and flair on the catwalk, with Inspirations taken strongly from ancient Kunqu opera and Chinese ethnic tribes, with a colourful, pop art twist. All of which are clearly transferred into the design and production of the new MAC collaboration. 



My Personal Collecton:

Just look at that packaging. It’s by far the most beautiful MAC collection I’ve seen since the time ago (do you remember? The actual containers had embossed water droplets all over them).

I picked up the following, vibrant bloom toned pieces in the range:

  • DDDEVILISH LIPSTICK | Pastel Hot Pink | [Matte]

As you’ll be able to tell by now, I went for a little bit of a theme.

I find you can’t go wrong with a good pink. I have been desperately looking for a true pink cheek colour for a while, and cream colour bases do act pretty well as a blush. You can obviously apply them anywhere, they’re that versatile, and don’t come with any strict rules.

To pair up, I grabbed the “Pastel Hot Pink” (pastel and hot toned? Now that’s an interesting adjective combo!) lipstick in ‘Dddevilish’. Gorgeous colour. Super bright, yet wearable with it’s slightly cool undertone.

To top everything off, I just had to get the compact, regardless what was in it. Usually it’s either a bronzer or blotting powder that comes with the themed collections, but this time it’s a transparent finishing powder.

The actual make up containers themselves are as incredible as the cardboard, with the most vibrant, detailed print I could have imagined. The powder compact is a the super star though, and looks absolutely stunning in your hand, on a shelf, in your bag, it just has no way of disappointing.

Following all of the product vanity photography work here, I obviously put each product to the test for a day, and here’s my finished look! Below, I am wearing the entire collection on my face. Even with a dab of the powder!

The matte formula of the lipstick is true to the newest MAC matte formulas. Slightly creamier than the earlier ones, so wore a little more comfortable, however I did have to cover with a little vaseline to help with the dry feels.

I’ve been using powder blushes for the last 12 months, so going to a cream formula with this pink base felt a little different, however it blended well, was not as crazy as it looks in the pan, and sits very comfortably on the skin.

And finally, the translucent setting powder. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been too keen on these. My skin has rather deep pores, so any kind of light powder, regardless of how finely milled it is, just sits there all dusty. This is fine, but I can’t say I’ll use it all that often, as I prefer the “dewy look”. I 1000% only purchased this for vanity sake of the gorgeous compact design,

The range also includes (well…it INCLUDED…It appears to be sadly, pretty much all sold out now) some less “safe” colours in the lipstick wheel for this collection, including a gorgeous sunshine yellow, aqua blue, lilac, and a delicious rose red.

In addition to the pieces I picked up, there is also a strong selection of eye shadow colours to compliment the lipsticks (about identical shades, actually), as well as a fluidline eye liner.

Speaking of eyes, mine are like saucers and don’t do well with shadows…It’s a shame, but that’s absolutely the reason why I haven’t owned any, specifically.

The cream colour bases also come in matching colours for you eyes and lips in the range, but with an exception of a really gorgeous peach toned one, which pretty much evaporated as soon as the collection launched. 

There we have it! Congratulations to MAC on another sold out exclusive, with this one being utterly stunning in every colourful way imaginable. Big congrats to Chris Chang too, for being for fashionably awesome!


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