Kylie “Candy K” Lip Kit

Yesterday I mentioned how I felt about the new Kylie Jenner Lipgloss in “So Cute”. You can read more about that here. In that chatter, I mentioned how I wasn’t a huge fan of the “Matte Lip Trend” going around strong this year, and that I had probably finally made my mind up that it wasn’t for me, on trying the Kylie Lip Kit.

The thing I love the most about the liquid lipstick trend is the colours. If you’re a follower of the trend yourself, have you noticed how many shades of dusky rose, and muted lilac there are in the ranges? It’s like that clay pink colour that seems to be on all of the Instagrams about them. It’s a really, really nice colour!

Anyway, the closest colour to that colour that I felt I could get was the Kylie Lip Kit in “Candy K”. Sure, there are a lot to choose from in the Colourpop range too, and DOSE of Colors, but the Kylie kits just sucked everyone in to a ‘social-beauty-splosion’ of their launch, and I obviously joined the wandering masses.

I’ve lost the box. So sorry, but for those of you who don’t know, the kit comes in a box made up of two complimenting products: The Matte Liquid Lip Colour, and the Lip Liner, which you can see here on the official store for Candy K.

The colour is a nude pink, or a muted (very muted) pink if you will, and the idea is to line you up nice and sharp, with a fancy slosh of the liquid colour in the lip. to fill.

Sorry about the current state of the lip pencil. It’s been well used, and for good reason actually – It’s lovely! The formula is incredibly creamy, and almost feels satin on the lip. There’s no drag to it, and it glides, with maximum colour pay off immediately, without any need to redraw over again. The pencil got me ultimately excited first, as it was indeed the first step of the whole kit application I experienced, so at the point my lips were lined, I was majorly happy.

Then I opened up the lip colour tube…

Now, at first I thought that maybe the product was just in a little distress after it’s journey across the ocean from the US store, however I’ve since realised that it’s not the case. The product exploded a little on unscrewing the wand, with product dripping down the stick, and into the cap. There was a tonne of product build up on the doe foot applicator itself, to the point I had to take a tissue to it and remove a good quantity of it, in order to not get it all over myself.

I’m still quite convinced that I have a slightly broken tube (feels like there should be one of those stoppers in the top that acts as like a valve to remove excess product when you slip the wand out), however I have been told several times that it’s not a problem. Oh well! No bother really.

So I happily smoothed on the lip colour across the centre part of my lips, keeping in the lines, you know how it goes. All those years of colouring in as a little Sally have paid off fairly well.

Boom. Loved it. What a gorgeous colour. So pigmented, hardly need a drop more than just half an applicator load up, comfortable like silk on the wipe across, looks excellent in my selfie post, amazing, so good, ha..feels a bit tight thought now, oh…wait.

Immediate Selfie after around 10 seconds of having the liquid lip colour applied

Immediate Selfie after around 10 seconds of having the liquid lip colour applied

The photo above is as raw and unfiltered in my kitchen as it comes (in fact, each one you see is). At this point, I was about 10-15 seconds in to my wear of the product, and loving every money at about the 12 second mark…

By the time I got to the 20 second mark, I was feeling drier than a flaky bit of tuna sitting out in the sun for 2 weeks. The feeling came on so, so, so fast! Much faster than I ever anticipated, and you know that we all expect that feeling at some point in the day, however I truly think that maybe I’m just ultra sensitive to it, because I seriously and honestly hardly applied a tiny pea size worth. It was the smallest, smallest bit!

Around 2 minutes post application

Around 2 minutes post application

You can see clearer in this picture directly above now, that after around 2-3 minutes of wear, my lips are beginning to  crack. How DO those Instagram girls do this trend?! Their lips looks so smooth and velvet like! Like little sponge petals! Here, I look like I’ve not had a drink for about 6 months already, and the comfort was as low as a 1/10.

I should add though, that my lips had been in no way prepped with any kind of balm before this application, but they had been included in my morning moisture routine, which involves a generous dollop of Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, which in itself has done absolute wonders for my skin since the start of the year.

After a full 5 minutes though, I was done, however I had no time to redo my lip colour if I wanted to get to work on time, so I quickly grabbed a clear gloss by Barry M (any gloopy gloss would have done), and performed a gentle touch up in the mirror, to smooth out the cracks that were forming.

A BIG bonus was that even though the lip colour had cracked quite severely, it was very open to being smoothed out! Despite the product looking as though it was about to flake, it wasn’t actually flaky skin, and was just settling into lines more than anything. These lines were soon blended out though (happiest moment ever), and my final result looked like this:

Happy Face. The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in 'Candy K', with Barry M Clear Gloss applied.

Happy Face. The Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in ‘Candy K’, with Barry M Clear Gloss applied.

Thankfully I’m super happy that I get to wear that lovely colour still, as there wasn’t any immediate impact on the original colour of ‘Candy K’, from my addition of the gloss, and on immediate inspection now (some 4 hours 20 minutes later), the colour is still looking lovely, and the gloss has held everything in place!

Final Verdict:

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in ‘Candy K’ (alone): 5/10. All 5 of those points go toward the fact that the lip liner is such a beautiful formula, and a pleasure to work with. Oh, and combine that with the colour, which I really do adore too. I can’t give points to the liquid lip colour itself, as seriously, this whole matte trend is just not for me. It doesn’t work for my silly lips at all. 

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit in ‘Candy K’ (with clear gloss): 9/10. I get to wear my favourite colour, in exceptional comfort, with awesome staying power! Loses a point for the fact that it should be matte, and I’m just bitter that my lips don’t like being such a way. Heh.

Between this and my opinion on the Kylie Gloss, I so far am in way more favour of the gloss. I HAVE however got one of the new Metals in the Kylie range on the way to me now too, to complete the variation set. It’s matte…oh lordie…we’ll have to wait and see how I can work it!

Do you have any tips for me on what I’m doing wrong? What do you think of the Matte Lip trend?


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