Kylie “So Cute” Gloss Review

The hype is currently so real.

With every Kylie Jenner lip colour that has launched online lately, the “sold out” signs ping up pronto. Ladies are going crazy for these things, and I wanted to find out why.

So living in England, we don’t have the luxury of having a fancy selection of the popular American Cosmetic market available to us easily. Some brands, like the Kylie Jenner lip kits and Colourpop only ship in the US, and so to be able to get these things we need to either get them sent over by people we know over there, buy a plane ticket, or use a service like ‘Shipitto‘ where international customers, like ourselves, get assigned a warehouse slot in the US that can forward on packages to us, for a reduced rate. The thing is though, customs and handling fees are still the killer. 

Sure, a package may sneak happily past customs without a charge, but more often than not it won’t, and the Royal Mail or Courier handling and charges can mount up to around £12 for a package under 1KG. It’s pretty bananas, and rather depressing.

Anyway, keeping the weight ultra low means that the charges can be a little easier to handle, so when a treat is in order, it’s fine and good every now and again.

So as I say, I already tried out on my Instagram the Kylie Lip Kit in ‘Candy K’. I might spend a little more time and do a ‘Kylie Back-to-back’ of both my matte kit and this gloss at some point, but for now, I’ll just get a quick overview of this guy before going too deep with it all, as I’d ideally like to pick up one of the new matte metallics too that are wriggling their way out. Then I can have a nicer, round, three.

The gloss, anyway.

There are three shades in this launch, “Like”, “Literally”, and “So Cute, with this one here being the lightest nude shade, “So Cute”.

“Like” and “Literally” can be seen here on the official sale site, and basically go into the warmer scale of colourings, darker down the nude spectrum, to an eventual brown tone at “Like”.

At first unscrewing the wand out, I was really shocked to find that the applicator was a brush! I hadn’t seen a lipgloss wand with a brush end in absolutely years! They usually used to come in either cheap “kiddie brand” glosses, or a nicer example of how to do it was with a watery gloss that Bourjois did once, so yeah it was a bit of a “What the?” moment. 

Unlike the Bourjois memory of a brush wand, this Kylie one didn’t fill me with happy, as this brand new product had the most ugly, split ends (much like my own at times, ha!) sprouting out, with the gloss itself then dripping all over the place, making it a bit of a nightmare not to look like you hadn’t just bitten into a lipgloss…fruit(?!) after even the most careful application.

It turns out that actually, there have been a lot of complaints emerging over this brush fiasco, which if your not familiar with, you can catch up on MTV here. Kylie seems to have absolutely sucked up the feedback, and even appears to be sending out replacement brushes to those that looked absolutely slaughtered in the photos. I won’t be kicking up a fuss about my little split though (If you look hard enough in the close up, you’ll see it), because it’s just about workable, and I’m British.

Formula wise though, it’s nice and thick, very opaque, and not as sticky as I was imagining it would be, so that’s a plus actually.

I’ll switch gears to “LIVE REPORTING IN MODE” and say that as I type this, I have been wearing a solid application of the product for around 2 hours now. Mirror check shows that the opacity has most definitely subsided down a tad, as well as the glossiness, however my lips are still a very much even in coverage and comfortable. There isn’t any ‘gunkiness’ around, which is always cool to know. Should you also be interested to know, I’ve had two cups of tea, and several spoons of coconut yogurt in the meantime too. Oh, and yabbered on a whole lot to my work colleagues.

My Kylie

My Kylie “So Cute” Gloss look after around 45-60 minutes wear, worn simply over a layer of lip balm.

Final verdict…quite similar to my feelings over the Kylie Lip Kit to be honest. It’s a gloss that, although it smells pretty good, and you get a very generous amount of product on the “wand” to make some really dynamic looks, it IS just coming to me as a regular nude gloss.

I might attempt to style it a little better next time, for example I’ll try out how it looks over the top of some of my favourite nude shade lipsticks, or accenting a nude lined lip. For today though, I just wanted to really try out the formula itself, without any other impacting factors.

Final say: 6/10 

Taking into consideration the import costs, potential customs and handling fees, and so on, I would not purchase again, which is a shame because the other shades (for example, “Literally”) may have worked better for my slightly richer skin tone. All in all though, It’s an exceptionally creamy formula with minor stickiness, which is where it earns its major points, however I would perhaps opt for the following alternatives for UK fans:

It’ll probably gain another ‘.5’ for any improved wand they decide to develop moving forward too.

What colours would you most like to try in the range? How did you find the formula for you?


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